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60 Minutes Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Sep 27, 2009McChrystal/The Liquidator/A Living for the Dead
2Oct 04, 2009The Swindler/130 Million Tons of Waste/The Great Migration
3Oct 11, 2009Golf Company/A Blow to the Brain/The Birdmen
4Oct 18, 2009H1N1/The Kanzius Machine/Drew Barrymore
5Oct 25, 200960 Billion Dollar Fraud/Fight for a Cure/Tyler Perry
6Nov 01, 2009H1N1 Vaccine/Yakuza/The Movie Pirates
7Nov 08, 2009Cyber War/Andre Agassi
8Nov 15, 2009The Deadliest Weapon/B-Rex/Resurrecting Eden
9Nov 22, 2009The Cost of Dying / Witness / Cameron's Avatar
10Nov 29, 2009Congo's Gold War / Robert Ballard
11Dec 06, 2009The Zone/Personal Foul
12Dec 13, 2009President Obama/Growing Body Parts/Ricky Gervais
13Dec 20, 2009The Long Recession/The Patriarch/Alec Baldwin
14Dec 27, 2009California Water Drought/Oust al Qaeda/The Birdmen
15Jan 03, 2010A Crack In The Swiss Vault/Delay, Deny And Hope That I Die/The Secret Language Of Elephants
16Jan 10, 2010Watching The Border/Revelations From The Campaign/Resurrecting The Extinct
17Jan 17, 2010Haiti/Football Island/Penelope Cruz
18Jan 31, 2010The Quiet Professionals/White Hot/Beyonce
19Feb 14, 2010Made In America/Davos/Pigeon Fever
20Feb 21, 2010Blackwater 61/Bloom Box/Ground Zero
21Feb 28, 2010Stealing America's Secrets/Battle Over History/Kathryn Bigelow
22Mar 14, 2010Inside The Collapse/Derek
23Mar 21, 2010Chief of Staff/The Lost Children of Haiti/Tennis Twins
24Mar 28, 2010The Case Against Nada Prouty/The Russian Is Coming/The Sharkman
25Apr 04, 2010Who Owns Your Genes?; Death Sentences Survived; Smokeless Cigarettes
26Apr 11, 2010Gotti Family Member; Meet the New Missing Link
27Apr 18, 2010Con men who promise cures to dying victims; actor Al Pacino discusses his career and upcoming roles.
31May 02, 2010Conan O'Brien, The All American Canal,, Chef Jose Andres
32May 09, 2010Homegrown terror, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, people walking out on their mortgages
33May 16, 2010Deepwater Horizon disaster, Conductor Gustavo Dudamel
34May 23, 2010Are They Safe?/The Seed School/Marty's Big Idea
35May 30, 2010The Deadliest Weapon/Resurrecting the Extinct/Vogue, Anna Wintour
36Jun 06, 2010The Swindler/The Case Against Nada Prouty/The Sharkman
37Jun 13, 2010Sabotaging the System/The Great Explorer
38Jun 20, 2010Assault on Pelindaba/The Liquidator/A Living for the Dead
39Jun 27, 2010Blackwater 61/Fight for a Cure/Cameron's Avatar
40Jul 04, 2010Into the Wild: The Great Migration/The Secret Language of Elephants/B-Rex
41Jul 11, 2010The Lost Children of Haiti/Kathryn Bigelow/White Hot
42Jul 18, 2010Golf Company/Penelope Cruz/Guiding Light
43Jul 25, 2010The Narrative, Growing body parts, Tyler Perry
44Aug 01, 2010Out of the Shadows/Discovery/Derek
45Aug 08, 2010The Cost of Dying/The Patriarch/Chef Jose Andres
46Aug 15, 2010A Crack in the Swiss Vault/130 Million Tons of Waste/Pacino
47Aug 22, 2010The Blowout/The Russian Is Coming
48Aug 29, 2010Stealing America's Secrets/The Bloom Box/The Birdmen
49Sep 05, 201060 Billion Dollar Fraud/The Seed School/Doubles
50Sep 12, 201021st Century Snake Oil/Beyonce
51Sep 19, 2010The Swindler/White House Diary: Jimmy Carter/Football Island
60 Minutes
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60 Minutes

The premiere television News magazine! This popular news magazine provides both hard hitting investigations, interviews and features, along with people in the news and current events.

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May 21, 2017


Sun May 21, 2017



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