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Suteki na Sentaxi
Fuji TV, 2014 | Drama

Edawakare (Takenouchi Yutaka) is the driver of Sentaxi, a marvellous vehicle which is able to take a passenger back to his or her "life's turning point". His cool appearance is at odds with his talkative, meddlesome, sweet-toothed character. He gives advice to passengers who are flustered after failing in their life's choice.

Harbor Command

The series stars Wendell Corey as Captain Ralph Baxter, an officer of the Harbor Police of a large coastal city (the city is unnamed, but much of the series was filmed in San Francisco and San Diego). The series was produced by Ziv Television Programs, with the assistance of the law enforcement arms of Harbor and Port Authorities across the country. Captain Richard Storm, of the Port of San Diego's Harbor Police, was credited as the technical adviser for the series.

Five Mile Creek

Set in the mid-late 1800s, the show has a western feel, with action, adventure, comedy, and heart-warming moments about a group of Americans and Australians, managing to run a coach line business and a way station, while trying to make ends meet.

Peter Loves Mary
NBC, 1960 | Comedy, Drama

Married entertainers leave New York City for life in a small town.

Aqui Tao Longe
RTP1, 2016 | Drama

The action takes place mainly in Lisbon, Portugal today, multicultural, gentrificado in social crisis, economic and values. The way this panorama affects human relations is the catalyst of the narrative. The circumstances overlap to the will of each of the characters, forcing the repeated and sudden changes of plans each. The core of the series is the family: the transformations that the current crisis, austerity, social unrest, the threat of terrorism and the fear caused in households that remain, though, as only refuge element and safety.

No Angels

Every day the girls face life, death and lunacy on the wards of St. Margaret's; every night they let off steam, with a dangerous appetite for uncomplicated sex and unruly misbehaviour.

The Protectors (Danish)

The Danish national police branch PET is in charge of personal protection, mainly of politicians and royal family. That also involves preventive work concerning terrorism, stalking etcetera. Meanwhile several team members must keep op top of personal concerns, such as ethnic background-related concerns and relational troubles at home.

Our House (US)
NBC, 1986 | Drama, Family

A man used to living by himself takes in his son's widow and their three children when the family has financial difficulties. The new living arrangement requires major adjustments for all involved.

Second Noah
ABC, 1996 | Drama, Family

An author and his zookeeper wife adopt eight children and numerous animals.

NBC, 1974 | Drama

A lawyer moves to the southwest to practice law.