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Kalgoorlie Cops
Other, 2011 | Crime

Set in the legendary frontier town of Kalgoorlie follows the cop as the deal with disturbances through the town, and getting up close with a town that is rife with money, murder, miners, hookers, gold-theft, crooks, outlaw bikers and even Friday night punch-ups.


The show recounts the salacious stories of cheating men and their out-of-control mistresses. Each episode of this new series will introduce us to two mistresses caught up in scandalous affairs with deadly consequences. See what happens when a "Monstress" tires of being called the "other woman" and decides to take matters into her own hands.


The series was a soap opera, dealing with the lives of ordinary people, living and working in or around an average lakótelep (Gazdagréti microdistrict, a socialist housing estate with several thousand flats in Budapest, built in the 1980s). Its characters were explored, over time, in equal depth: ranging from elderly pensioners, busy middle aged professionals, up-and-coming young people, and children growing into their teens.

Triangle (2014)

A drama about three brothers who reunite after 20 years through twist of events, ever since the death of their parents from two decades ago. Jang Dong Soo the oldest brother become a detective, while Dong Chul the middle brother uses an alias name Heo Young Dal to become the boss of a crime gang. The youngest, Dong Woo, grows into a cold person after being adopted by a rich family.

Seonam Girls High School Investigators

A mystery romance about five female high school students who form a detective group and set out to pick apart unresolved mysteries from around the school.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Цontroversial unsolved crimes and mysteries.

Cold Squad
CTV, 1998 | Drama, Crime

Cold Squad is a one-hour police drama originally on CTV that focuses on 'cold cases'; unsolvable cases that have gone for years without a solution. Each week there is a new 'cold case' brought out of the woodwork to solve, which may date back five years, or could even date back fifty years. The primary personality in Cold Squad is Sgt. Ali McCormick. Although she isn't the official head of the unit, her opinion is invaluable to the other workers. She is backed up by a team of highly skilled professionals who, as it so happens, are also her good friends.

Holding On

A complex, moving story of life in the big bad city, in this case London. The tragic, senseless, futile murder of a beautiful young woman, just embarking on her journey through life, acts as a catalyst of change for a large and diverse group of people seemingly unconnected with this terrible event. As the ripples of change expand this group of people come under increasing pressure to face the harsh realities of their existence and turn away from the cosy fantasies they thought they knew. Some discover an inner strength that inspires them to better their lives and look to the future with hope but for others the overwhelming waves of despair and despondency push them ever nearer to the edge of the abyss. Watching it all with a jaundiced eye and a practiced put down, apparently aloof and untouched by events, is Gary Rickey, born Billy Rickey in the town of the same name, a London broad sheet food critic who doesn't seem to like food or it doesn't like him. However, even he cannot escape the inevitable and must eventually decide to sink or swim in this tide of change as it spreads ever wider.

Llamame Bruna

Rachel (Maria Bopp) is a young upper middle class who lives with her parents in a house in the interior of Sao Paulo. One day she decides to change hes life, she runs away from home and moved to the capital, where she began working in the brothel luxury Stella (Carla Ribas), an old madam. Nancy (Suzana Kruger), assistant Stella, immediately concerned with the fact that the girl is a minor. Rachel suffers from the rivalry of the other prostitutes place, Georgette (Stella Rabello), Monica (Luciana Paes) and especially Jessica (Nash Laila), who does everything to oust Raquel brothel. Among its clients, adversaries and his family, Rachel is increasingly convinced his place, discovers her body and sexuality Bruna becoming one of the most sought escorts San Pablo.

Department S
ITV, 1969 | Drama, Action, Crime

An elite department within Interpol, Department S inherited those cases which the other member groups had failed to solve. The brains of the group was Jason King, a hedonistic maverick who wrote mystery novels and solved real-life crimes by projecting himself into the shoes of his fictional hero, Mark Caine...