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Dave's World
CBS, 1993 | Comedy, Family

A syndicated columnist writes about the absurdities he encounters in everyday life.

Brother's Keeper
ABC, 1998 | Comedy

A stitched up single dad raises his young son while keeping his hard-partying, pro-footballer brother in line.

Second Noah
ABC, 1996 | Drama, Family

An author and his zookeeper wife adopt eight children and numerous animals.

NBC, 1974 | Drama

A lawyer moves to the southwest to practice law.

Reasonable Doubts

A hearing-impaired assistant D.A. works on felony cases.

Room 222
ABC, 1969 | Comedy, Drama

The students and faculty of a typical urban high school confront contemporary social issues.

9 to 5
ABC, 1982 | Comedy

Secretaries clash with a sexist boss. Based on the 1980 film.

Men Behaving Badly (US)
NBC, 1996 | Comedy

A kind of live-action 'Beavis and Butt-head,' inspired by a British series, about boorish male roommates who mostly drink beer excessively when they're not otherwise acting superficial, horny and slovenly.

Today's Special

This kids' show set in a department store uses stories and songs to encourage problem solving.

Love & War
CBS, 1992 | Comedy

A divorcée impulsively buys a New York restaurant-bar and falls for one of the regular customers, a gruff newspaper columnist.