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Martial Law

Sammo Law is a Chinese law officer and a martial arts expert transferred to America looking for an old nemesis. During the search, Sammo will join the police department and work with a group of detectives on police cases.


Duckman isn't your average suave, sophisticated private eye. In fact, he's rude, ignorant, slovenly, and hasn't had a date in years. With the help of his infinitely more capable sidekick, Cornfed, Duckman manages to solve enough cases to cover his alimony payments and cable TV bills.

The Paul Reiser Show
Genre: Comedy, Family

This male-centric comedy project from NBC features Mad About You veteran Paul Reiser and Amy Landecker.

Remington Steele

Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow.

Touching Evil
Genre: Drama, Crime

Detective David Creegan, after surviving a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head, takes a 12-month psychological leave of absence. He returns to work for the FBI's new Organized and Serial Crime Unit.

Beyond Scared Straight!

Real convicts confront juvenile offenders with the horrors of life behind bars.

Brass Eye
Genre: Comedy

Brass Eye was a controversial show that reported (so to speak) the issues confronting British popular society. Drugs, Animal Rights, Crime, Paedophillia, these are the issues that the tabloids seem to spend their days cashing in on.

Watchdog (UK)

Watchdog tackles viewers consumer issues and problems head on, whether it's taking it direct to a company or contacting someone who can solve the problem. Since 2009, BBC show Rogue Traders has been incorporated into a newly formatted hour long show.

Genre: Drama, Action

Edgar Allan Poe uses interesting and unexpected methods to solve some of the most intriguing mysteries in 19th century Boston. Chris Hollier has written the script and Dan Lin is set to executive produce.

Genre: Crime

Each episode focuses on an average woman who suddenly "snaps" and kills her husband or someone else close to her. Sometimes it's greed for their mate's money. Other times it's resentment for the lies and deceit within a relationship.

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