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Dance Moms Episodes Guide and Summaries

Season 4 | Season 3 | Season 2 | Season 1
EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Jan 01, 2014Guess Who's Coming to the Dance?
2Jan 01, 2014Welcome Back...Now Don't Get Too Comfy
3Jan 07, 2014Two Can Play This Game
4Jan 14, 2014Abby Strikes Back
5Jan 21, 2014Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2
6Jan 28, 2014No One Is Safe
7Feb 04, 2014Clash of the Chloes
8Feb 11, 2014Big Trouble in the Big Apple
9Feb 18, 2014Wingman Down
10Feb 25, 2014Nothing's Fair in Abbyville
11Mar 04, 2014No Solo for You
12Mar 11, 2014Blame it on the New Girl
13Mar 18, 2014Sister Showdown
14Mar 25, 2014Decisions Decisions
15Apr 01, 2014Family Comes First
16Apr 08, 2014Lights! Camera! Dance!
17Apr 15, 2014Presenting My New Team
18Apr 22, 2014Seeing Red
19May 13, 2014The Battle of Maddie vs. Chloe
20Jul 29, 2014Double the Moms, Double the Trouble
21Aug 05, 2014Kiss or Get Off the Pot
22Aug 12, 20143 Soloists, One Star
23Aug 19, 2014Abby-Phobic
24Aug 26, 2014Chloe Gets Revenge
25Sep 02, 2014100th Episode: No More Crybabies
26Sep 09, 2014The Understudies
27Sep 16, 2014Another One Bites the Dust
SpecialJan 07, 2014Welcome Back...Now Don't Get Too Comfy (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialJan 14, 2014Two Can Play This Game (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialJan 21, 2014Abby Strikes Back (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialJan 28, 2014Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialFeb 04, 2014No One Is Safe (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialFeb 11, 2014Clash of the Chloes (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialFeb 18, 2014Big Trouble in the Big Apple (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialFeb 25, 2014Wingman Down (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialMar 04, 2014Nothing's Fair in Abbyville (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialMar 11, 2014No Solo for You (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialMar 18, 2014Blame It on the New Girl (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialMar 25, 2014Sister Showdown (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialApr 01, 2014Decisions Decisions (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialApr 08, 2014Family Comes First (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialApr 15, 2014Lights! Camera! Dance! (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialApr 22, 2014Presenting My New Team (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialApr 29, 2014Girl Talk: No MOMS Allowed
SpecialAug 05, 2014Double the Moms, Double the Trouble (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialAug 12, 2014Kiss or Get Off the Pot (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialAug 19, 20143 Soloists, One Star (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialAug 26, 2014Abby-phobic (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialSep 02, 2014Chloe Gets Revenge (Choreographer's Cut)
SpecialSep 09, 2014No More Crybabies (Choreographer's Cut)
Dance Moms

Dance Moms

A look into the competitive world of dance where pushy mothers force their daughters to perform while try to create their own dreams vicariously through them.

Show Info

Airs on:

Lifetime at 9:00 pm


60 min.


Returning Series


More Info: | IMDb | TVRage


Previous Episode


Another One Bites the Dust


Tue Sep 16, 2014



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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Dance Moms is available yet.

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