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Modern Marvels Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Mar 26, 2002Motors
2Apr 03, 2002Niagara Power
3Jun 20, 2002Models
4Jul 02, 2002Beach Technology
5Jul 03, 2002Saloons
6Jul 03, 2002Lighthouses
7Jul 05, 2002The Erie Canal
8Jul 05, 2002Air Shows
9Jul 08, 2002The Big Dig
10Jul 09, 2002Combat Training
11Jul 15, 2002Super Guns
12Jul 16, 2002Strategic Air Command
13Jul 17, 2002The F-14
14Jul 18, 2002Lost Marvels
15Jul 19, 2002Rescue Equipment
16Jul 22, 2002Codes
17Jul 23, 2002Gasoline
18Jul 24, 2002Engines
19Jul 24, 2002Scuba and Deep-Sea Diving
20Jul 25, 2002Power Plants
21Jul 25, 2002Aswan Dam
22Jul 29, 2002Remote-Operated Vehicles
23Aug 01, 2002Death Devices
24Aug 02, 2002Casino Technology
25Aug 06, 2002Towing
26Aug 07, 2002The World's Biggest Machines
27Aug 08, 2002Jet Engines
28Aug 08, 2002Prisons
29Aug 09, 2002Cannons
30Aug 13, 2002Nordhausen
31Aug 14, 2002The Atlantic Wall
32Aug 14, 2002War Trains
33Aug 15, 2002Liberty Ships of WWII
34Aug 15, 2002The London Underground
35Aug 16, 2002Diamond Mines
36Aug 20, 2002Axes, Swords and Knives
37Aug 21, 2002The Magnum
38Aug 22, 2002The Junkyard
39Aug 23, 2002Trucks
40Aug 23, 2002Inventions of War
41Aug 26, 2002Hadrian's Wall
42Aug 27, 2002Magnets
43Aug 27, 2002Buses
44Aug 28, 2002Concrete
45Aug 28, 2002Nuclear Subs
46Aug 28, 2002Bridges
47Aug 29, 2002Icebreakers
48Aug 29, 2002Cemeteries
49Aug 30, 2002Breweries
50Sep 05, 2002The Pentagon
51Sep 05, 2002Suez Canal
52Sep 06, 2002Security Systems
53Sep 10, 2002The Chrysler Building
54Sep 12, 2002Times Square
55Sep 17, 2002The Autobahn
56Sep 18, 2002Pickup Trucks
57Sep 18, 2002Gold Mines
58Sep 18, 2002Great Inventions
59Sep 19, 2002Drag Racing
60Sep 20, 2002Muscle Cars
61Sep 20, 2002Banks
62Sep 24, 2002Police Technology
63Sep 25, 2002Garage Gadgets
64Sep 25, 2002International Airports II
65Sep 26, 2002The Tool Bench: Power Tools
66Sep 27, 2002Home Tech
67Sep 30, 2002Proving Grounds
68Oct 01, 2002Monster Trucks
69Oct 02, 2002Camouflage
70Oct 03, 2002Forts
71Oct 08, 2002Cranes
72Oct 09, 2002More Earthmovers
73Oct 09, 2002The Internet: Behind the Web
74Oct 10, 2002Quarries
75Oct 11, 2002The City Beneath Our Feet
76Oct 21, 2002The Manhattan Project
77Oct 22, 2002Sherman Tanks
78Oct 22, 2002Bunkers
79Oct 23, 2002War Games
80Oct 28, 2002Train Wrecks
81Oct 29, 2002Secret Life of the Crash Test Dummy
82Oct 30, 2002High Tech Sex
83Nov 01, 2002Survival Technology
84Nov 01, 2002Drive-Thru
85Nov 06, 2002Siege Machines
86Nov 06, 2002The Spitfire
87Nov 07, 2002Garbage
88Nov 13, 2002Tunnels of Vietnam
89Nov 14, 2002The M-16
90Nov 14, 2002West Point
91Nov 15, 2002The Colosseum
92Nov 15, 2002The Winchester
93Nov 18, 2002The Maginot Line
94Nov 22, 2002Cattle Ranches
95Dec 02, 2002James Bond Gadgets
96Dec 02, 2002More Bond Gadgets
97Dec 02, 2002Commercial Jets
98Dec 05, 2002Digi-Tech
99Dec 05, 2002More Gadgets
100Dec 05, 2002Salt Mines
101Dec 10, 2002Concept Cars
102Dec 12, 2002Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel
103Dec 12, 2002Bulletproof
104Dec 17, 2002Runways
105Dec 18, 2002War Planes of World War II
106Dec 20, 2002Private Planes
107Dec 20, 2002The Camera
108Dec 25, 2002Video Games: Behind the Fun
109Dec 27, 2002Hardware Stores
110Dec 30, 2002Big Rigs of Combat: Tanks
111Dec 31, 2002Pleasure Boats
112Dec 31, 2002Office Wonders
Modern Marvels
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Modern Marvels

Fast-paced, fun and informative, Modern Marvels is The History Channel's signature series focusing on historical technology.

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Airs on:

History Channel at 9:00 pm


60 min.


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Panama Canal Supersized


Sat Apr 11, 2015



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