Top Shows

Game of Thrones
The Big Bang Theory
The Walking Dead
True Blood
Modern Family
Under the Dome
New Girl
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Blacklist
The Vampire Diaries
Person of Interest
Grey's Anatomy
Once Upon a Time
The Mentalist
Falling Skies
Two and a Half Men
Family Guy
Sons of Anarchy
True Detective
White Collar
House of Cards (2013)
The Following
South Park
Orange is the New Black
Boardwalk Empire
The Simpsons
American Horror Story
Mad Men
Sleepy Hollow
Doctor Who
Top Gear
Criminal Minds
The Newsroom
2 Broke Girls


I'm on the fence, but sticking with it - 32.0%
I'm on the fence, but sticking with it

It's always been great - 23.2%
It's always been great

I gave it up a while back - 20.2%
I gave it up a while back

I\'m on the verge of giving it up - 14.9%
I'm on the verge of giving it up

Never watched it - 9.6%
Never watched it

Total votes: 2643


Noooooo!  Lalalalalalala, I can\'t hear you - 59.8%
Noooooo! Lalalalalalala, I can't hear you

A little from column (a), a little from column (b) - 23.2%
A little from column (a), a little from column (b)

Love them!  Tell me tell me tell me - 10.2%
Love them! Tell me tell me tell me

What are these spoilers you speak of? - 6.8%
What are these spoilers you speak of?

Total votes: 1286

I think Dollhouse...

... huh? - 47.6%
... huh?

will have a lot to live up to.  I'm reserving judgement - 24.3%
will have a lot to live up to. I'm reserving judgement

will be awesome!  Joss can do no wrong - 16.9%
will be awesome! Joss can do no wrong

will pass me by.  I don't care - 6.0%
will pass me by. I don't care

will get cancelled quickly. I\'m not investing - 3.0%
will get cancelled quickly. I'm not investing

will suck!  It\'s all hype - 2.2%
will suck! It's all hype

Total votes: 1323

Best Joss show?

Firefly - 34.3%

Joss who? - 31.9%
Joss who?

Buffy - 18.5%

Angel - 7.5%

I'm not a fan - 4.9%
I'm not a fan

Dr. Horrible - 2.8%
Dr. Horrible

Total votes: 1279

N-E Chat ...

Whatever ... - 79.8%
Whatever ...

Kill it ! - 11.1%
Kill it !

Keep it ! - 9.1%
Keep it !

Total votes: 1104

Which one is better?

Haven\'t watched either (you should) - 71.8%
Haven't watched either (you should)

The Shield (screw the other one) - 10.1%
The Shield (screw the other one)

The Wire (screw the other one) - 7.2%
The Wire (screw the other one)

The Wire (watched both) - 6.9%
The Wire (watched both)

The Shield (watched both) - 4.0%
The Shield (watched both)

Total votes: 1373

Would you buy a $5 iphone application if it was available?

No, even if I had an iPhone - 25.2%
No, even if I had an iPhone

No - 22.1%

Yes, but I never plan to get an iPhone - 20.2%
Yes, but I never plan to get an iPhone

Yes, if I had an iPhone - 19.0%
Yes, if I had an iPhone

Yes! - 6.9%

What's an iPhone? - 6.6%
What's an iPhone?

Total votes: 1917

Who made the best live action Batman?

Christian Bale - 63.0%
Christian Bale

Michael Keaton - 14.1%
Michael Keaton

Adam West - 9.8%
Adam West

Val Kilmer - 6.3%
Val Kilmer

George Clooney - 6.2%
George Clooney

Lewis Wilson - 0.3%
Lewis Wilson

Robert Lowery - 0.2%
Robert Lowery

Total votes: 1209

Who made the best live action Superman?

Christopher Reeve - 54.8%
Christopher Reeve

Tom Welling - 21.1%
Tom Welling

Dean Cain - 12.7%
Dean Cain

Brandon Routh - 5.6%
Brandon Routh

George Reeves - 3.2%
George Reeves

Kirk Alyn - 2.0%
Kirk Alyn

Gerard Christopher - 0.6%
Gerard Christopher

Total votes: 1077

Most badass fictional government agency on tv?

CTU (24) - 41.0%
CTU (24)

APO (Alias) - 13.2%
APO (Alias)

NID (Stargate) - 12.0%
NID (Stargate)

Psi Corps (Babylon 5) - 11.2%
Psi Corps (Babylon 5)

Torchwood (Torchwood) - 7.5%
Torchwood (Torchwood)

Initiative (Buffy) - 6.9%
Initiative (Buffy)

UNIT (Doctor Who) - 5.0%
UNIT (Doctor Who)

Section 31 (DS9) - 3.2%
Section 31 (DS9)

Total votes: 1343

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