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Follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. It is a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America's promised land - Montana.

Also known as: Y: 1883

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56 min.
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4.65/5 (124 ratings)
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Key Features and Themes

family dynastyjourney westgreat plainsamerican expansionuntamed americapovertysearch for better futuremontanaintense studypromised land


as Shea Brennan
as James Dutton
as Margaret Dutton
as Elsa Dutton
as Young John Dutton
as Ennis


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Latest comments

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by posted
Sam Elliot | Best Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series | Screen Actors Guild Award Winner

He was so good in this series, and not only nominated like I thought, but won the SAG award. Some of his scenes just crushed me.
by posted
In the beginning of the first episode I see the MTV-logo and hear "M T V"....and I thought...oh god no...I did NOT expect this from MTV, I really didnt. Just finished binging. This is THE best I've seen since Lonesome Dove. If you feel its to slow these types of series just isnt for you, they are ment to be "slow". 5/5 from me without a doubt.
by posted
Finally got around to finishing this. 110, so sad, so depressing, and really felt belaboured.

Graham Greene makes a cameo, which was great to see, love him, he used to do the stand up circuit years ago, and the last thing I remember him in was Rains Fall in Red Dead Redemption 2. A true Canadian icon.
by posted

That is great to hear.
It's kind of a spoiler. Atleast now I know after 109, that Elsa won't be "pushing up daisies". Kinda figured that wasn't going to happen anyway ;)

Last episode,, Closing edit::
Well damn,, didn't see that coming. Heart crushing ending.. S1x100, The Special production episode, helped to ease the pain.
by posted
Way too slow-paced for my liking, good to fall asleep to lol.
by posted
106 was a middling episode that felt like an extension of 105. Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks wife) makes a cameo.
by posted
So that one week without an aired episode was evidently enough to make me be able to drop. It's a good show, but when I went to snag the latest ep I realized I just don't care.
by posted
@g371 The depiction of discrimination amongst the European settlers felt accurate and genuine. The point is that freedom is still lived under law. Discriminate, steal, horde, make life difficult for everyone while getting to the destination and there are consequences. They didn't realize they are all one great big team. I enjoyed the choice of punishments; apt.
by posted
Btw, regarding gypsies, we have relatively few of them, but even we have exactly same idea about them. We have this huge documented collection of a short rhymes from old times (don't think that there even is a word for it in English) - basically the best insight into history, because you can tell from them what topics were trending back then. When you search in that db a word "gypsy", you get stuff like this:

Gypsy thought me
His cheap skill
Trade horses, scam people
Roam the bushes

And bunch more like that :D