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20/20 Season 2012 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1My Extreme Affliction
2Rutgers Webcam Spying Scandal
3Lotto Frenzy
4OCD, Schizophrenia
5Dangerous Texas Love Triangle
6Just Plane Crazy
7Strange Arrangements
8Sunset Boulevard
9True Confessions
10Extreme Parenting
11Losing It: The Big Fat Money Trap
12Medical Mysteries
13The Camera Never Lies
14The Real Queen: By Her Own Royal Family with Katie Couric
16The Big Lie
17Rielle Hunter
18Caught in a Bad Romance
19Heaven: Where Is It? How Do We Get There?
20Vacation Confidential; My Ultra Modern Family
21Tragedy in Colorado: Movie Theater Massacre
22Chat Room Love Triangle
23What They Know That Can Change Your Life; My Ultra Modern Family
24My Extraordinary Family
25I'm Obsessed With ...
26When Animals Strike Back
27The Camera Never Lies
28Nasty Neighbors
29Intoxication Nation
30Classroom Confidential
31Waseem Daker: From Stalker to Murderer
32Going to Extremes
33Sandusky "Victim 1" Speaks Out
34All Access Nashville With Katie Couric
35Heroes Among Us
36Workplace Confidential
37The Real Dish
38Breaking Polygamy
39True Confessions: Hotel Horrors
40Holidays Unplugged: Seasonal Steals
41Tragedy at the Elementary School
42The Year With Katie Couric