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20/20 Season 2014 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Big Lie
2Underage and Under the Influence
3(IM)perfect Getaways
4The People Next Door
5Crossing the Line
6Catch Me If You Can: The Anthony Curcio Bank Heist
7Young Guns
8My Strange Affliction
9Crossing the Line
10The Perfect Nanny
11Missing Kids
12True Confessions V
13Murder for Hire
14Stolen at Birth: A Decades Old Mystery
15Sleeping with the Enemy
16Bum Luck
17Does mother Really Know Best?
18Work Wars
19Teenage Decisions; Dire Consequences
20With Parents Like These
21Designing Woman
24Losing It
25Home Sweet Home
26True Confessions
27The Children Who Break Away
28Bad Romance
29The Burning Bed
30To Catch a Fake
31How Far would You Go?
32The Secret Life of Elliot Rodger
33Keepin' It Real Estate
35Losing It!
36The Girl in the Shower
37The Hunch
38Surviving Summer
39Sleeping with the Enemy
40The Life and Death of Robin Williams
41Strange Afflictions
42Two's Company... Three's a Crime
43I Know What You Did
44Joan Rivers Dead at 81: The Life, Legacy of Comedic Icon
45Why Oscar Pistorius' Ex-Girlfriend Was Afraid of Him
46Aspen Philanthropist Found Dead in Closet by Friend
47Road to Ruin
48Out of the Woods
49The Mystery on Johnsburg Road
50Designing Women
51Right Between the Lies
52Worker's Compensation Fraudsters
53Do Your "&@#$%* Job!
54Family Secrets
55The New Sex
56Who Can You Trust
57True Confessions
58Hot Pursuit
59The Sell Game
60Wrong House
61Home for the Holidays
62All in the Family