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48 Hours Season 15 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Silent Killers II
2A Crime of the Mind
3Searching for a Killer
4The Alibi: Disturbing the Peace I
5The Alibi: Reasonable Doubt I
6Addictions on All Sides
7The Investigators
8Where is Janet March?
10Burden of Proof
11Cold Turkey
12Family Secrets
13Tracking a Killer II
14Searching for Elizabeth
15Invitation to a Murder
16To Hell and Back II
17Elizabeth's Road Home
18Murder in Monaco
19Mystery in Room 813
20Lust, Lies and Videotape aka The Secret Tapes
21Chambers Speaks aka Justice Served?
22The Negotiators aka Desperate Call
23The Tale of the Tape
24The Babysitter's Story
25One on One with Powell
26How Long a War?
27Waiting on Women Warriors: Jessica Lynch
28Hidden Dangers of Ambush Alley
29A Widow's Tale
30Battling Gulf War Syndrome
31Hong Kong: Crowded City of Fear
32Fog of War: Facing Friendly Fire
33Ghosts of Greenwich
34To Catch a Stalker
35Extremely Perfect
36For Love or Money
37The Canal Street Brothel
38Rich Kids
39Baby Hope
40Tribute to Bob Hope
41Star Witness
42The Profiler