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60 Minutes Season 25 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Gay Cops/Class of '71/Growing Up in L.A.
2Saddam's Banker/Clean Air, Clean Water, Dirty Fight/Movie Mavericks
3Hire/Mr. President/The Cure That Killed
4Made in the USA/Acceptable Risks/Your Kidding!
5Hell on Earth/Larry King/Senor Presidente?
6Why Did He Quit?/The Battlefield/As Simple as Black & White
7The Chairman/Camille Paglia/China Syndrome
8Lincoln Electric/Caitlin's Story/Kirk Douglas
9Cleaning Up/Act-Up/A Matter of Interest
10Woody Allen/Johnny D/Hard Choices
11Parricide/To Catch a Thief/Richard the Lionhearted
12The Forgotten Hostage/Down-Home Diva/Family Crimes
13Cigar/Wild Man of West 96th Street/Forensic Pathologist
14Some of His Best Friends Are.../Pan Am 103/Hud-Gate
15Jehovah's Witnesses/Piney Woods/Rx Drugs
16Ameena/The Orange Juice Man/Top Gun
17Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Harassment/Nureyev & Diz/A Tale of Two Cities
18A Hand in the Till/The Octopus/This Happy Breed
19The Year of the Woman/Playboy: The Princess of Playboy/Michael Carey, M.D.
20Camille/Texas Rules/Donna & Ricardo's Baby
21War Criminal?/Alive and Well in Quincy/Tango Finlandia
22Medical Miracle/Whoopi/The Economy, Stupid
23Totaled/Dancing Feet/Just Say Yes
24Sharks Don't Get Cancer/Field of Dreams/Callahan
25Lloyd's of London/Brezhnev's Daughter/The Reverend Sharpton
26How Did He Get Here?/Tearing of the Green/Massacre at El Mozote
27The Archbishop/Odds Are/The Jesuit Murders
28The Informers/Hongcouver/Officer Harding
29The Rainbow Curriculum/The Man with the Golden Arm/Yeltsin
30Ten Will Get You Five/The Last Governor/Joint Venture
31Dragon Head/The Old School Tie/Sidney Rittenberg
32Macho, Tough and Gay/Equal But Separate/Cell Block 3A
33Coming to America/John Silber of Boston University/The Great White Chief
34Buying Time/Gospel According to Luke/Are You Covered?
35Rock Newman/Class of '71/This Land Is My Land
36Flight 870/Fountain of Youth/Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Harassment
37A Gem of an Idea/Come to Harlem/Common Ground
38Gay Cops/Whoopi/Clean Air, Clean Water, Dirty Fight
39The Cure That Killed/Movie Mavericks/The Year of the Woman
40Totaled/To Catch a Thief/Act-Up
41Richard the Lionhearted/The Forgotten Hostage/Forensic Pathologist
42Sins of Their Fathers/A Tale of Two Cities/Melinda
43Sharks Don't Get Cancer/Caitlin's Story/The World's Biggest Shopping Spree
44Cigar Sacco/Callahan/Medical Miracle
45Michael Carey, M.D./Tango Finlandia/The Orange Juice Man
46Johnny D./Camille Paglia/Ten Will Get You Five
47Live or Die?/Mr. President/You're Under Arrest
48The Archbishop/Spielberg/Wild Man of West 96th Street
49How Did He Get Here?/The Battlefield/The Informers
50Mustard Gas/Macho, Tough, and Gay/Don't Leave Home
51Equal But Separate/Lloyd's of London/Field of Dreams
52Pelican Bay/Cleaning Up/China Syndrome