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60 Minutes Season 26 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Waste and Fraud/Yes... But Is It Art?/Blood Money
2Doesn't Anybody Care?/Pavarotti/The Most Promising Treatment?
3Fidel Castro's Health Plan/Nauru/North of the Border
4Arms and the Women/Jack the Ripper?/Readin', Writin' and Commercials
5Rogue Cop/The $12 Billion Cleanup/Shadow of Doubt
6The Gauntlet/Bob Dole of Kansas/Law and Disorder
7In the Nuclear Nightmare Over?/A Few Good White Men/Lost in Translation
8Monsta/Help Wanted/Dave Barry
925 Years of 60 Minutes
10The CIA's Cocaine/Tin Man/The Commandant
11In Good Hands?/Operation Swordfish/Bankrupt in Florida
12Yasir's Cops/Gustavo De Greiff/Welfare for the Well-Off
13General Sergeyev/I-551/Mitch Snyder's Legacy
14Capitol Games/Mrs. Arafat/Alice Doesn't Life Here Anymore
15Crime & Punishment/No Miss/The Mad Woman of Srebrenica
16Swindle/Who Am I?/A Hero?
17The Jewish Intifada?/The Chief/Nasty Girl
18My Name Is Tonya Harding/Three Days in Beirut/Getting Rich
19A Free Ride/Born in the USA/Dynasty
20Fellini/Paul Simon/Paris Was Yesterday
21The Education of Luis Gutierrez/The Get Away Drivers/Rob Reiner
22Parachute Lawyer/Chaning the Odds/Another Chernobyl?
23Randy Shilts/Less Than a Miracle/No Comment
24Paul Hill/On the Money/The Jewish Intifada?
25Fingered/'A' Is for Abstinence/The Mad Russian?
26Subcomandante Marcos/Dwayne Sexton/The State vs James Hamm
27Who Says It Never Happened?/Mel White's Secret/Testing, Testing, Testing
28Up in Smoke/Semipalatinsk/Maxine Waters
29The Final Four/Street Crime: Africa Style/It Pays to Advertise
30The Commodities Game/The Girl Next Door/A Very English Audience
31Memories/Nightmare in Haiti/TKO
32Solzhenitsyn/Right on Fred Zain!/Richard Nixon
33Chelsea... On the Rocks/Fast Money/Not in My Backyard
34Never Too Late?/South of the Border/The Sounf of Music
35Blue Cross Blue Shield/I Solemnly Swear/The $64 Dollar Question
36A Billion Here, a Billion There.../Go Back Where You Came From/This Land Is My Land
37Heart to Heart/The Oregon Plan/Medal of Honor
38The Agenda/The Ultra Secret/White Backlash
39Yasir's Cops/The Rosewood Massacre/Pelican Bay
40Kimberly's Story/Arms and the Woman/Parachute Lawyer
41The Chunnel/Tin Man/Barbra
42Halcion/Paul Hill/The $12 Billion Clean Up
43Swindle/Nasty Girl/Bankrupt in Florida
44Made in the USA/American Gothic Gone Mad/Randy Shilts
45Yes... But Is It Art?/Question of Mercy/A Few Good White Men
47Three Days in Beirut/Never Too Late?/The Lambs of Christ?
48Blue Cross Blue Shield/Fingered/Fidel Castro's Health Plan
49Subcomandante Marcos/TKO/The Getaway Drivers
50Semipalatinsk/Mel White's Secret/The Cure That Killed
51Senor Presidente?/The Sound of Music/The Girl Next Door