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60 Minutes Season 27 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Killers/Bud McFarlane/A Matter of Honor
2Operation Just Cause/Wampum Wonderland/Routine Blood Test
3The New Black Power/So You Want to Do Business in Russia?/F.O.B.?
4An Exercise in Hypocrisy/Million Dollar Babies/Making a Baby
5The Spoils of War/Anthony Hopkins/Closing Up
6The Gebe from Limone/Enough/F-22
7Skunk Works/DNA/The Ugly Face of Freedom
8Going, Going, Gone/N.O.P.D. Blues/P.J. O'Rourke
9Jennifer and Everardo/Made in the USA/Kiryas Joel 10950 New York
10The Notebook/The Wrong Man?/Rolling Stones
11The President's Lawyer/Cracking Down/Whose Life Is It Anyway?
12Arms Supermarket/Death Wish/Femme Fatale
13Why?/The Ladies from Kapooka/Crusader
14Corruption, Inc./Behind the Seams/Hanan Ashrawi
15The Sarcophagus/Prince of Broadway/Father & Son
16The Entertainers
17HIV Positive/70 Years Old/Witness for the Prosecution
18What About Orphanages?/Cecilia/The Vogels
19Pelican Bay/Anna Deavere Smith/Life & Death in an Irish Town
20Don't Count Them Out/On the Square?/We Are the Church
21What Assault Weapons Ban?/Summer Camp/Tom Daschle Is Missing
22Operation Restore Aristide/Infomercials/Who Shall Overcome?
23President Phil Gramm?/Did He, or Didn't He?/Some of Our Planes Are Missing
24Highway Robbery/Get Real/E-Systems
25Derivatives/The Language Factor/Washington Station
26Gulf War Syndrome/Insurance Fraud/He Says, She Says
27Confessions of a Tobacco Lobbyist/Causes Unknown/Kurt Masur
28Last Rights/Michael Marcum/Lisa Herdahl vs Pontotoc County
29Tales from the Dirty War/Welcome Back Mrs. Khadder/No Joy in Mudville
30The Second Wave/Are They Worth It/Stradivari
31The World According to George/Shoko Asahara/The Catholics
32President Clinton/The Michigan Militia/Can We Prevent Another One?
33Up Against the Wal-Mart/Battered/The Resister
34Operation Star Watch/The Crooner/Chips
35What Really Happened?/Christiane Amanpour/The Axman Cometh
36The Pentagon Turned Its Back on Them/Absolutely Fabulous/Flight 712/Riccardo Muti
37DNA/Tin Man/A Sweet Deal
38Thalidomide/N.O.P.D. Blues/NPR
39Mr. Robinson/They're Her Elephants/Jennifer and Everardo
40Don't Count Them Out/Wampum Wonderland/The Vogels
41Corruption, Inc./Infomercials/Routine Blood Test
42The Spoils of War/Skunk Works/Going, Going, Gone
43What Assault Weapons Ban?/The Second Wave/Life & Death in an Irish Town
44The Gene from Limone/The Sarcophagus/Death Wish
45Rolling Stones/Confessions of a Tobacco Lobbyist/Derivatives
46The Getaway Drivers/What About Orphanages?/Stradivari
47Femme Fatale/Summer Camp/E-Systems
48Last Rights/Lisa Herdahl vs Pontotoc County/Politics Taiwan Style
49Gulf War Syndrome/Behind the Seams/A Letter from Jermarr
50Harry Wu/Dwayne Sexton/Crusader
51Up Against the Wall-Mart/Seventy Years Old/The CIA's Cocaine
52The Women/In Over His Head/An Exercise in Hypocrisy