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60 Minutes Season 28 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Saddam's Son/Wanted/Andre Agassi
2The Chief/Too Good to Be True?/Ben Bradlee
3Packing a Gun/Comrade Ambassador/HMO
4What About Vince Foster/The Other America/Stars on the Parallel Bars
5The Blue Wall of Silence/Take Me Out to the Ball Game/The Worst Nightmare
6The Boy Who Knew Too Much/Back on Broadway/Women at Risk?
7Deadbeat Dad/Madam Speaker/Land Mines
8Yitzhak Rabin/Racial Tracking/To Your Health
9Cigarettes/Car Talk/Southbury
10Over There/One Voice/A Hole in His Head
11Life... By Transplant/Come Blow Your Horn/Unsportsmanlike Conduct
12Toto Constant/Martha Stewart/The Last Time We Saw Paris
13The President/Who Poisoned Maryann/Pay Attention!
14Cash Now Die Later/Earthquakes, Riots, and Now the Subway/Capital Hill Nine
15Welcome Back Mrs. Khadder/Nadja/Jennifer and Everardo
16Thoralf Sundt, M.D./Subcomandante Marcos/Randy Shilts
17The Engineer/Yo-Yo Ma/White Collar Blues
18An American Dilemma/Sacks/Kidnapped
19Starved to Death/Springsteen/January 28, 1986
20Down-Home Diva/Curtain Call/George Burns
21Jeffrey Wigand, PhD/Richard Leakey
22Say It Isn't So.../Shoot Not to Kill/Too Tough?
23Germ Warfare/A Fine Kettle of Fish/$12 Billion Piggy Bank
24Change of Address/Family Values/Not Your Average Case of Arson
25The Next First Lady?/Prison Rape/What Makes Steve Run?
26Mousa Abu Marzook/Mike Nichols/Tipping the Scales
27The Greatest/American Enterprise/Area 51: Catch 22
28Blowing Smoke/A Woman of Substance/The Bicycle Club
29The Letter/Imus
30Easy Money in Hard Times/The Mormons/Spike Lee
31Farrakhan/Spitting Image
32Do You Really Want to Know?/One Child's Labor/One Survivor Remembers
33Chernobyl/Whose Baby Is It?/Hezbollah
34The Lost Commandos/The Last Supper/Timber Wars
35Punishing Saddam/Cartier-Bresson/Little Fish
36William Pierce, PhD/Facts of Life in Russia/Jack Kevorkian
37The Pentagon Turned Its Back on Them/Michael Marcum/Open and Shut Case?
38Partial-Birth Abortion/A Piece of the Rock/Mountain Madness
39Inside the Freemen Compound/Special Ed/Politically Incorrect
40Alex/For Your Eyes Only?/Lisa Herdahl vs Pontotoc County
41Raul's Money/Scorsese/Family Values
42Wanted/Carla and the Disciples/Did He Do It?
43Saudi Arabia/Wanted/Benjamin Netanyahu
44Getting Away with Murder/Madam Speaker/The Conspiracy to Kill Hitler
45One Child's Labor/Who Poisoned Maryann?/The Stars on the Parallel Bars
46What About Vincent Foster?/Sacks/Thalidomide
47The Greatest/Car Talk/Land Mines
48The Next President of the United States?/Independent Women/Not Your Average Case of Arson
49The View from the White House/The Tobacco Game/Spitting Image
50Gulf War Syndrome/Chicago 1968/The Kingpin
51The View from the Dole Camp/The Worst Nightmare/Say It Isn't So...
52Who Are the Kurds?/The Death Penalty/The Dark Side of the Game