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60 Minutes Season 29 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Ted Kaczynski's Family/Raking It In
2It's All a Lie/Murder, They Call It/Lorraine Monroe's Doctrine
3The Pill/When Jerry Met Mary/Dusko Tadic
4A Few Good Men/Todd Ice/Jim Burrows
5Bad Blood/TV Marti/Mr. Fazio
6Prison Inc./1776 and All That/Herr Doktor
7Not for Profit Hospitals/King of the Chessboard/R&R in Southeast Asia
8Taliban/Angela Lansbury/Switzerland
9War Orphan/Tina Turner/Athletes: The Women in Their Lives
10Rick Nuccio/Evelyn Glennie/The President of Somalia
11Smoke Screen/Out of Africa/Bambi
12Snafu/Out of This World/Is It Torture?
13Pain Killer/You Arrogant Journalists/How We Won the War
14This Land Is My Land/Double Exposures/Eight Years and Counting
15What Happened?/Merger Mania/Pork Power
16How Sweet Is It?/A Very Tough Neigborhood/Martha Curtis' Story
17HMO: Managed or Mangled/Bounty Hunter/Vacco v. Quill
18Working on a Miracle/Here Come the Brides/The 38 Million Dollar Car
19Media Mogul/The Informer/The Search
20Canada's Dark Secret/Veronica Guerin/The Clintonization of Tony Blair
21Madam Secretary/Seinfeld/The Disaster That Wasn't
22Forgive But Not Forget/Stephen King/The Russian Army
23La Eme/The Wall/Sotheby's
24Murder by the Book/Unmasked/The Rumor Mill
25The Memoirs of Manuel Noriega/Car for Rent?/IBP
26Our Man in Hanoi/Paula Jones/Rich Air
27Cover-Up at the Citadel?/Mary Schiavo/Rafsanjani
28Heaven's Gate/The Deadliest Prison
29Webster Hubbell/The Shark/Handing Over Hong Kong
30Not Quite Dead/A Harvard Man/The Texaco Tapes
31Corruption at the Border/Getting to Know Him/Running Away from Saddam
32Two Women/Look Who's Talking/Angels by the Sea
33The Tobacco Tapes/Strive
34The Court-Martial of Lt. Flinn/Jimmy Buffett/Sisters of Mercy?
35Our Little Miss/And the Winner Is.../Annick
36Is It Torture?/How He Won the War/Pain Killer
37The Mule/Dogs of War/Life... By Transplant
38Inside the Citadel/The Big Apple/School of Scandal
39For the Defense/In Defense of Timothy McVeigh/The Black Panthers
40Jeffrey Wigand, PhD/Sark
41Two Days in Rome/Bambi/Racial Tracking
42Veronica Guerin/Pork Power/Tina Turner
43The Big Dig/The Search/Did He, or Didn't He?
44Dr. Bender/Martha Curtis' Story/Canada's Dark Secret
45The Lost Commandos/Alex/Randy Newman
46Murder, They Called It/Wanted/Miracle on 43rd Street
47Untouchable?/Martha Stewart/Not for Profit Hospitals
49Officer/Wanted/I Remember Daddy
50The Life and Death of a Princess
51The Perfect Terrorist Weapon/Dunblane/Deeadra/Elizabeth
52Land Mines/Seinfeld/Born to be King?