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60 Minutes Season 30 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The I.R.S./Welfare a La Carte/Steals & Lies
2Relieved of Command/Belafonte/Who Poisoned the Children?
3Suicide Bomber/Yes... But Is It Art? II/5-4-3-2-1 Liftoff
4The Maverick from Arizona/First Lady/Was Rolando Cruz Framed?
5The Kennedys/They've Got a Secret/A Very Special Brain
6The Battle of Gettysburg/There's No Business Like Shoe Business/20,000 Victims
7A Matter of Principal/Big Man, Big Voice/The Bracelet
8Traitor or Hero?/Touched by an Angel/The $300,000,000 Man
9Winnie Mandela/Clint Eastwood/Innocents Abroad
10What's Saddam Hiding?/The JFK Papers/Taking on Disney
12Inmate 777/Brother Against Brother/December 7
13The New Orleans Cops/West Side Story/Code Blue
14Gearing Up/Private Lives, Public Men/Quick Cash
15McLibel/Robert Hughes/CAN: The Cult Awareness Network
16An Honest Mistake/Bobby McFerrin/The Best Doctors in America
17Ted Kaczynski's Family/The Family Business/Stephanie's Law
18Massacre in Algeria/The Deadly Trade in Fake Medicine/Here Comes the Girls
19Another Look, January 26, 1992/Thy Will Be Done?/The High Cost of Dying
20Zero Alert/Khawar v. The Globe/War of Words
21Who is Vernon Jordan?/Welcome to Miami/Selling Secrets
22Baghdad Today/Helping Saddam/The Crowded Skies/Nagano 1998
23Halabja: Ten Years Later/To Be or Not to Be/The Other Russia
24Latrell Sprewell/Whose Chemical Weapons?/Toni Morrison
25Kathleen Willey/The Real March Madness
26Thou Shalt Kill/Running from Home/Sexuality 101
27Back to My Lai/Juvenile Justice/The Mother of Invention
28The Gulag/Da Mayor/The Sins of the Father and the Mother?
29The Smallest of the Small/Politics, Privacy and the Pub/Data Smog
30Double Standard?/Chris Rock/The Nurse Will See You Now
31I.G./The Piano Man/Turning Around Denny's
32Starr Wars/Candice Bergen-Murphy Brown/Saddam's Spy
33Iran Versus Iran/Magic/The Winter Hill Gang
3460 Minutes at 30
35Smoke Screen/A Very Tough Neighborhood/Quick Cash
36Crazy Like a Fox?/David Tang/Cracking Down
37The China Connection/Ted Kennedy/Megan's Story
38Relaxing Their Grip/The Best Doctors in America/Germ Warfare
39A Pig Heart?/Who Killed George Polk?/Ben Stein
40The Pollards/The Rumor Mill/They've Got a Secret
41A Very Special Brain/McLibel/Steals & Lies
42Smoking to Live/Taking on Disney/Todd Ice
43Bounty Hunter/Imus/Working on a Miracle
44The Search/Was Rolando Cruz Framed?/There's No Business Like Shoe Business
45Whose Chemical Weapons?/Stephen King/Traitor or Hero?
46Back to My Lai/The Disaster That Wasn't/Toni Morrison
47Starr Wars/To Be or Not to Be/Jimmy Buffett
48Taliban/Suicide Bomber/Nixon on Nixon
49Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?/Experimental Prison/Evelyn Glennie
50HMO: Managed or Mangled/Chris Rock/Khawar v. The Globe
51Best of Friends/To Impeach or Not to Impeach/Remembering Watergate