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60 Minutes Season 31 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Heaven on Earth?/Who Will Succeed Him?/The Most Feared Gangster
2The Bad Samaritan?/Hard Hats/Not the Best Policy
3A League of Her Own/The Man Behind Paula Jones/In Memory of Alisa
4Give Peace a Chance/Autopsy/Yuri the Great
5Second Chance/A Million Men, Women and Children/Quinacrine
6Baku/Kennewick Man/Kosovo
7Vote Early, Vote Often/I've Got a Secret/Justice for Sale?
8Smoke But No Fire/Botero/Broken Promises?
9Insanity?/Sister Business/Waiving the Rules
10Death by Doctor/The Defector/The Man in the White Suit
11Y2K/Slave Labor/The Black Farmer
12A Very Special Teacher/The Silent Service/Grigori Loutchansky
13It's the People, Stupid!/Daniel Barenboim/Helicopter Down
14Charlton Heston/50,000 White Farmers/George Soros
15Cooking the Books?/Praising Caesar/Who Killed Louis Gladu?
16The Magdalen Laundries/Breaking Windows/Where Have All the Addicts Gone?
17Call Me Mister!/The State of the Union: District Council 37/Faking It
18The War at Home/Amy's Story/Juvenile Justice?
19Olympic Gold/Mishap Valley/Sean Penn
20The Next First Lady?/Here Comes the Girls/Toni Morrison
21Perjury and Obstruction of Justice?/Fragments/EPA Sick Building Syndrome
22Taking Aim at the Gun Industry/Genius/Burt Bacharach
23The 353 Million Dollar Con/The Young and the Restless/Where There's Smoke...
24The Lobbyist/Roberto Benigni/Choosing Life
25Case Closed?/Kissinger
26Ten Years Later/Brother Rick Curry/This Is Peace?
27A Death in the Family/The Menuhins/Untouchables
28George Lucas/Unfinished Business
29Could It Be True?/BET
30Pan Am 103/A Family Affair
31Wanted/The Diva Next Door/Banking on DNA
32Who's to Blame?/Dunblane/Audra
33The Power Behind the Throne?/Medium Security/Janet's Story
34Above the Law?/Pyramid/Bibi
35The Moral Minority/Connery, Sean Connery/War Crimes
36Whose Land Is It Anyway?/Y2K/Dress for Success
37In Memory of Alisa/The Last Supper/Nelson & Graca
38The Best of Intentions/The Maverick from Arizona/The China Connection
39The Sins of the Father and the Mother?/To Be or Not to Be/Insanity?
40The 353 Million Dollar Con/Juvenile Injustice?/Genius
41The Young and the Restless/Smoke But No Fire/Slave Labor
42It's the People, Stupid!/Tango Finlandia/The Black Farmer
43Who Poisoned the Children?/Botero/Who Am I?
44Search Update/Best of Friends/JFK Jr.
45The Most Feared Gangster/Candice Bergen-Murphy Brown/Unfinished Business
46Spy?/What Assault Weapons Ban?/Waiving the Rules
47Give Peace a Chance/Big Man, Big Voice/Packing a Gun
48The Magdalen Laundries/Roberto Benigni/Heaven on Earth?
49The Lobbyist/Praising Caesar/Faking It
50Taking Aim at the Gun Industry/Running from Home/The Bad Samaritan
51A Family Affair/Where There's Smoke.../The Diva Next Door
52KGB Secrets/Brother Rick Curry/Harry Potter