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60 Minutes Season 33 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Bridgestone Firestone, Michael Tilson Thomas, Smallpox
2Damage Control, Tina Sinatra, Boris Yeltsin
3America's Worst Nightmare?, Sleepless in the Cockpit, Bud Shuster
4Dick Clarke, Made to Order, Wall Street Whiz Kid
5Jack Welch, Negative About Affirmative Action, Megan's Law
6Yasir Arafat, You've Got Mail, The 450 Million Dollar Scam
7The MMR Vaccine, The Crossroad, The Calendar Girls
8Officer Young, The Orchestra, Fish Fuss
9Election Update, Delayed, Presidente Fox
10Al Gore, Internal Affairs, FISA
11Dot-Com Millionaires?, God, Women and Medicine, Brain Fingerprinting
12Notra Trulock, Tom Hanks, The Rosenberg Case
13The Mormons, Dikembe Mutombo, Ben Zander
14Harry Potter, Tina Sinatra, Evelyn Glennie
15Wal-Mart, Any Given Sunday, The Tiananmen Papers
16Earth Liberation Front, The Pope's Maestro, The Strange Case of Dr. Shipman
17The Osprey, Nothing More to Worry About?, Zimbabwe
18The Great Escape, Arctic Oil, School for the Homeless
19Sleeping Sickness, Joe the Jailer, Bryonn Bain of Harvard
20Online U, The Wrong Man?, Diamonds
21Needles, David Boies, Whose Body Is It Anyway?
22President Simmons, Mammoni, Alternative Medicine
23Here Comes the Judge, Who's Next, Russia's New Czars?
24Giant Killer, Caught Up in a Custody Battle, Smart TV
25252, They Mean Business, Dillard's
26The Boy Scouts, Of Mice and Men, Hit Squads
27The FBI and the Mob, The Trillion Dollar Question, The Rocket
28Darryl Strawberry, Mel Brooks on Broadway, Stolen Lives
29Doctor's Dilemma, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Genes
30Caught on Tape, Shoot the Fox, The Sudbury Way
31Compassionate Use, The Tiny TV Network with a Big Mouth, Back to My Lai
32The Execution of Timothy McVeigh, The Memorial
33Murder or Suicide?, DNA Dragnet, Cash Crop
34Delayed, Arctic Oil, Gold in Them Thar Schools
35The Preacher's Daughter, Billion Dollar Business, His Honor the Mayor
36Bridgestone Firestone, In Memory of Alisa, Death by Doctor
37The Osprey, The Strange Case of Dr. Shipman, Not as Private as You Think
38President Simmons, The Earth Liberation Front, Nothing More to Worry About?
39Why So Expensive?, Officer Young, The Orchestra
40The Boy Scouts, Negative About Affirmative Action, Michael Tilson Thomas
41Sleepless in the Cockpit, Mel Brooks on Broadway, Wall Street Whiz Kid
42Made to Order, Dot-Com Millionaires?, Mammoni
43Online U, Femme Fatale, Whose Body Is It Anyway?
44Zimbabwe, Giant Killer, Partial Birth Abortion
45Wanted, 252, Never Too Late
46Suicide Bomber, Who's Next?, School for the Homeless
47A Doctor in the House?, The Tiny TV Network with a Big Mouth, The Rocket
48Smallpox, Jack Welch, The Trillion-Dollar Question
49Schneider v. Kissinger, Stolen Lives, Shoot the Fox
50How Secure Is Your Airport?, An American Town, The Three Wise Men, How Intelligent Were We?