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60 Minutes Season 34 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Lost in America, The Mind of a Suicide Bomber, What Are They Saying About Us?, Laura Bush
2Are We Safe?, Islam, The Long Gray Line
3Special Report, Blueprint for Survival, Survivors
4Special Ops, Nuclear Reactors, Condoleezza Rice
5The Second Most Wanted Man, Smallpox, Two Faces of Pakistan
6Saddam Hussein's Iraq, The Prince, Innocence Lost
7Richard Harris, LBJ Tapes, City Within a City
8The Lost Son, LBJ Tapes, City Within a City
9The U.S. Border Patrol, The Pump, Kuwait: Ten Years Later
10America's Arabs, Kinkade, Castro
11The Dirty Little Word 'Profiling', Selling the Dream?, Barbara Cook
12Why Did She Do It?, The Candy Man
13The Secret Life of Robert Hanssen, Hold the Phone, In a League of His Own
14The Greatest, Charlie Did It, The Diva Next Door
15The Great One, The Piano Man, Richard Harris, Studs
16Athens 2004, Fat City, Where's Ours?
17Good Intentions, Bad Results, Murder in the Second Degree, Frozen Assets
18Torture?, Women in Combat, Ms. Swift
19Hamas, August Wilson, The FBI's Dirty Little Secret
20Harry Potter, Adopt Me, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
21How Well Oiled Are We?, You Want Fries with That?, Arafat
22What's New in the Art World, Forensic Evidence, In the Belly of the Beast
23Tom Welch, Unlocking Parkinson's, Michael Apted
24Iraqi National Congress, A Sad Fact of Life, Hotel Pioneer
25I.N.S., Elaine Stritch, The American Red Cross
26John Nash's Beautiful Mind, Poisonous Stew, Dame Judi
27On the Waterfront, Malden Mills, One Horrific Day
28Ariel Sharon, And the Winner Is..., All in the Family
29A New Lease on Life, The Biological Clock
30Skin and Bones, Doing Business with Enron, Con Man
31The Archbishop, Pentagon Schools, Dr. Torrey's War
32North of the Border, Scandal on Ice, Young, American and Muslim
33Hell No, We Won't Go!, Better Safe Than Sorry, The Terrorist's Lawyer
34Is There a Gun in the House?, Halabja 14 Years Later, Hugo Chavez
35Castro, Joe Bonanno, Scars of War
36The Bicycle Thief, Negative About Affirmative Action, The Power of Positive Speaking
37The Man Who Got Away, Elaine Stritch
38Mubarak of Egypt, Nursing Shortage, Kuwait Ten Years Later
39The American Red Cross, Hold the Phone, BBC
40The Pump, LBJ Tapes, Con Man
41The FBI's Dirty Little Secret, The Biological Clock, The Orchestra
42The Osprey, Fat City, Hotel Pioneer
43The FBI and the Mob, Kinkade, Arctic Oil
44The U.S. Border Patrol, Hit List, John Nash's Beautiful Mind
45Selling the Dream?, What's New in the Art World, Unlocking Parkinson's
46Murder in the Second Degree, There's No Business Like Shoe Business, August Wilson
47Athens 2004, The Dirty Little Word 'Profiling', Malden Mills
48Zimbabwe, Do You Want Fries with That?, The Death Penalty
49252, Springsteen, Charlie Did It
50The Prince, The War at Home, Young, American and Muslim
51An American Town, The Commissioner, Survivors, Saudi Arabia, Are We Safe?
52Broken Promises, Kennewick Man, The Pope's Maestro
53Torture?, The Candy Man, The $353 Million Con