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60 Minutes Season 35 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Arafat Papers, Over the Hill?, Kidnapped
2The Sheriff of Wall Street, Zion's Christian Soldiers, Hubble
3Armed and Dangerous, The Royal Treatment, The End of the Embargo?
4Women of Afghanistan, Married Priests, Boys
5Lost in Translation, Going Home, The Grand Old Man
6Doctor Death and His Accomplice, Texas
7Toxic Town, Sir David Attenborough, Depressed and on Welfare, Cheaters
8The Inspector, Bush at War, Not the Best Policy
9Retaliation... Will Not Be Tolerated, Billy Crystal, Jackpot Justice
10Title IX, Change of Heart, Was It Done with Mirrors?
11Buddy, Life Goes on Girl, It Pays to Advertise?
12Al Gore, Iraqi Oil, Who Is Catherine Reynolds?, Negative About Affirmative Action
13Losing Their Marbles, Bad Medicine, Married Priests
14Nursing Shortage, Brother Rick Curry, Gross National Happiness
15Fingerprints, Puzzle Master, Stephen Hawking
16Closing the Gap, Sheryl Crow, The Age Wave
17Four Remarkable Women
18The Last Frontier, North Korea, The Wrong Man
19Yankee Go Home!, Montana Power, Find the Gun
20Are We Prepared?, Unhealthy Diagnosis, Michael Moore
21Dr. Shahristani, Bering Strait, Top Cop
22Imported from India, Saddam's Money, SUV
23Qatar, Keeping a Secret, Medical Emergency
24French Connection, The Reserves, Anatomy of a Mistake
25War with Iraq, Finding Saddam, Protecting New York
26The Ayatollah Al-Hakim, Small, Cheap and Deadly, Look Who's Selling
27The View from Jordan, Dr. Chalabi Goes to Iraq, Guilty Until Proven, Rebuilding Iraq
28The Information War, Annika Sorenstam, The Country Next Door
29Hezbollah, The Royal Treatment, Con Man
30All in the Family, The Impossible Dream?, What About Syria?
31Rebuilding Afghanistan?, Send in the Spies, Terrorist Hunter
32Firing Back, Lies, Weapons of Mass Destruction
3335 Years and 60 Minutes
34The Sheriff of Wall Street, Boys, The Mind of a Suicide Bomber
35Hubble, The Rocket, Shadow of Shame
36Zion's Christian Soldiers, Martha Stewart, Making Their Case
37Harry Potter, Going Home, Diego Garcia
38Medical Malpractice, Imported from India, Pork Power
39Title IX, Billy Crystal, Armed and Dangerous
40Kidnapped, Puzzle Master, Malden Mills
41Keeping a Secret, SUV, Lost in Translation
42Sheryl Crow, North Korea, Fingerprints
43Unhealthy Diagnosis, Bering Strait, Michael Moore
44On the Waterfront, Qatar, Was It Done with Mirrors?
45The Age Wave, Montana Power, Addicted to Orchids
46Small, Cheap and Deadly, Lies, The Biological Clock
47The Wrong Man, Who Is Catherine Reynolds?, Guilty Until Proven
48The Ayatollah Al-Hakim, Toxic Town, The Coach
49North of the Border, Any Given Sunday, Anatomy of a Mistake
50Johnny Cash, Change of Heart, Sir David Attenborough
51All in the Family, Cooking with Gas, The Terrorist's Lawyer