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60 Minutes Season 36 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Tulia, Texas, Musically Speaking, Eminent Domain
2Dr. Sam Waksal, Skull and Bones, For Love of Money
3Cooking the Books, How Many Miles to the Gallon?, Sainthood
4Gimme Shelter, Nation Building, The Case Against Dr. Butler
5Terror in Moscow, Yucca Mountain, Undercover Marketing
6An Island of Sanity, Pirates of the Internet, Mary J
7Jessica Lynch's Hero, Arafat's Billions, Mr. Feinberg
8Chemical Plant Insecurity, They Didn't Ask, He Didn't Tell, The Kuwait of Africa
9Porn in the U.S., Still Fighting, Howard Hughes, Jeopardy!
10Alice Coles of Bayview, Answers from the Grave, L.T. Over the Edge
11The Look, Operation Iraqi Freedom?, King Solomon
12Saddam Hussein's Capture
13Behind Bars, John Edwards, President?, The Fence
14Michael Jackson, Iraq After Saddam
15More Than They Deserve, The Eyes Have It, Turkmenbashi, Does the Nose Know?, Bering Strait
16Inside the Bush White House, Out of India, The Greyston Bakery
17John Kerry, Farewell to the Queen, Doing Business with the Enemy
18Faith, Hope & Politics, The Sunni Triangle, The Man with the Golden Ears
19Nuclear Insecurity, Self-Made Maverick, Pilobolus
20Boosting, The Patriot, The Wild Man of Music
21Lost in the Translation, Surf's Up, A True Confession
22The Blame Game, The Bishop, Geno's Game
23Prescriptions and Profit, Hubble, The Last Gangster
249-11 Before and After, The Second Most Wanted Man
25Condoleezza Rice, Judge Charles Pickering, Freddy Adu
26See No Evil, The Best Possible Deal?, Who Is Jack Spadaro?
27Michelle Wie, The Summer Games, Out of Control
28Plan of Attack, Mary J
29The Devil's Advocate, Comrade Capitalist, Self-Made Maverick
30Deep Dark Secret, Funny Girl, Superbugs
31Couldn't Keep It to Myself, Saudi Justice, American Hero
32The New French Revolution, The Image War, Domingo
33General Anthony Zinni, Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, I Have a Dream
34Muqtada Al-Sadr, How Many Miles to the Gallon?
35Ronald Reagan Remembered
36Chemical Plant Insecurity, Skull and Bones, Barbara Cook
37Bill Clinton
38The Patriot, Dr. Sam Waksal, Michael Moore
39Kinkade, Tulia, Texas, Eminent Domain
40Kerry & Edwards, Boosting, Man with the Golden Ears
41The Kuwait of Africa, Alice Coles of Bayview, Howard Hughes
42Yucca Mountain, Undercover Marketing, Surf's Up!
43Musically Speaking, Out of India, The Bishop
44Lost in Translation, The World's Greatest Fakes, Freddy Adu
45See No Evil, The Garden of Eden, Pirates of the Internet
46Cooking the Books, Prescriptions and Profit, Change of Heart
47Nuclear Insecurity, Doing Business with the Enemy, Michelle Wie
48Porn in the U.S., Jeopardy!
49DNA Dragnet, All in the Family, L.T. Over the Edge
50The Second War, Fat City, The Coach