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60 Minutes Season 37 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Wanted: Dead or Alive, The Closer!, O'Reilly
2Echo Boomers, Tales from the Crypt, Bill Parcells
3The Killing in Sudan, Staying at Home, Queen Latifah
4A Deal with the Devil, Top 10%, Ray Charles
5The Murder of Emmett Till, Jon Stewart
6Live from New York, The Governor, In Harm's Way
7The Next Space Race, Crusade Against Credit
8Anonymous Revealed, Prescription for Trouble, Arafat
9The Uncounted, Hoodia, Jim Carrey
10The Case of the Spy Ring, Bluejay, Dustin Hoffman
11Old Soldiers, ADD Grows Up, Bob Dylan
12Who Killed Carolyn Muncey?, A Feisty Farewell, Cinderella Story
13The Stone Box, Ricky Williams, Redneck Woman
14Echo Boomers, Ray Charles, The Coach
15Google, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World
16The Big Gun, Lang Lang, A Dog's Nose
17Under Fire, The Insider, Tim Howard
18Poisoned, An Expensive Lesson, Hilary Swank
19Child Prodigies
20Juiced, Born in the U.S.A., The Gates
21Rape in the Ranks, Cirque Du Soleil, Chris Rock
22Breeding Ground, The Aviator and the President, Brain Rangers
23Rendition, Grand Theft Auto, The D.A. And Tom Delay
24Ken Lay, Submission, The Last Star Wars
25The Big Gun II, Jessica Gonzales vs Castle Rock, The Sea Gypsies
26Power to the People, The Stone Box, The Toughest Race
27Pope John Paul II: Part I, Pope John Paul II: Part II, Jane Fonda: My Life So Far - Part I
28Mafia Cops, Handouts for the Homeland, Jane Fonda: My Life So Far: Part II
29Party at Gregg's, Carl Hiaasen, Highway in the Sky
30Medical Tourists, Tunnel #3, Endangered Species
31Secrets from Guantanamo Bay, The Hobbit, Goldie
32President Putin, Duty, Honor, Country, Everybody Does Love Raymond
33Maximum Security, B.S. Rules!
34The Pledge, It Takes One to Know One, Cooking the Books
35The Big Gun, Dave Chappelle, Counting on the Count
36Justice at Guantanamo, Insider's Prescription, Not in My Backyard
37The Closer, Beatrice's Goat, Bob Dylan
38Grand Theft Auto, Top 10%, Amazon Treasure
39Under Fire, A Dog's Nose, Miracle Man
40Child Prodigies
41Old Soldiers, The New Free Space
42Handouts for the Homeland, Submission, Highway in the Sky
43In Harm's Way, The Big Gun II, Staying at Home
44Rendition, Born In The USA, Dustin Hoffman
45President Putin, Jane Fonda: My Life So Far
46The Governor, An Expensive Lesson, Hilary Swank
47Anonymous Revealed, Party at Gregg's, The Sea Gypsies
48Prescription For Trouble, The Killing In Sudan, Crusade Against Credit
49Katrina, Echo Boomers, Medical Tourism
50Parkinson's Drug Trial, Order Out Of Chaos, Mr. Feinberg
51Ricky Williams, No Sex Teens, Andy Rooney