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60 Minutes Season 38 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Hostage, In Search of Bin Laden, The Captain
2Chalabi, A Fractured Mind, Elian
3My FBI, The Dinner Set Gang, NASCAR Family
4Addicted To Heroin, Romo, The Lord God Bird
538 Years 6 Months 4 Days, Michael Jordan, Rex
6The Outing of Valerie Plame, Whose Life Is It Anyway? Prince Charles
7The Airport Road, The First Man, The Winner
8After Shock, Burning Rage, Mad Money Man
9Juiced, A Deal With The Devil, Cirque Du Soleil
10Illegal and Thriving, New Orleans is Sinking, U2
11Plan B, Living Large, James Blake
12Chasing The Flu, MS-13, Howard Stern
13Dying To Get In, Rendition, Swimming with Sharks
14The Bridge to Gretna, Rendition, Morgan Freeman
15Three Stories of Survival
16The New Space Race, Fighting AIDS, Immortality
17Gangster Cops? Sir Howard, Bode
18John Murtha, The Hermit Kingdom, Felicity
19The Oil Sands, Kinky for Governor, Fatal1ty
20Worst Case Scenario, Prisoner of Pain, Off The Scale
21War Profiteers? A Surplus of Embryos, Wounds of War
22State of Denmark, Global Warning! Philip Seymour Hoffman
23Montana’s Coal Cowboy, On The Waterfront, To Walk Again
24Is The Price Right? The Court Martial Of Willie Brand, The Prince of Pot
25Brutal, Al Qaeda’s Town, Gay or Straight?
26Defending New York/Rewriting the Science/Family Ties
27Betting On A Fall, Tiger
28Dire Predictions From Osama bin Laden's Bodyguard
29Death of a General, The Orphanage, Michelle Wie
30Terror Behind Bars, Too Many Men, Jamie Oliver
31A Spy Speaks Out, Aging In The 21st Century, The Star In Starbucks
32Lethal and Leaking, Priory of Sion, Colbert Report
33Sallie Mae, The Ethanol Solution, John Daly: Golf and Beer
34The New Boss, The Harlem Children’s Zone, Not Ready To Make Nice
35“I'm Mike Wallace: A 60 Minutes Tribute”
36Mafia Cops, Wounds of War
37Dying To Get In, A Different Kind Of Grocery Store, Carl Kiaasen's Miami Herald Columns
38Plan B, Hobbit Island
39Dying To Get In, Rendition, Swimming With Sharks
40The Oil Sands, Rex
41Elian, Al Qaeda's Town, First Man
4239 Years 6 Months 4 Days, War Profiteers, The Captain
43Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Buried in the Past, Bode
44Working 24-7, The Most Dangerous Road in the World, The Dinner Set Gang
45Bin Laden's Bodyguard, Rewriting the Science, U2
46Global Warning, Living Large, Fatal1ty
47Irans President, Colbert Report
48Aging Today, Michael Jordan, 'Submission'
49It Takes One To Know One, After Katrina, Gay or Straight?
50AfterShock, Tiger
51The Dust at Ground Zero, Tuesday's Children
52Ilegal Gambling, Romo, Howard Stern