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60 Minutes Season 39 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Killing the Dying?, Katie and Condoleezza, President Musharraf
2State of Denial, Area 25, Bum Hunting
3No Fly List, Pattie Dunn
4The Duke Rape Case, A Loss of Faith
5The Mother Of All Heists, Two Heartbeats Away, Searching for Jacob
6A Fighting Chance, Explosion at Texas City, Big Man On Campus
7Buried In Fine Print, The Ship Breakers, Russell Crowe
8Ed Bradley: In Memorium
9Welcome to Hazleton, Shooting Tigers, Broadway Joe
10General Abizaid, The Memory Pill, Blue Jay
11Netflix, Hiding From Death, The Gift
12Exposing The Truth, the Phantom of Corleone, A New Kind of Fight
13Hitler's Secret Archive, The Lonliest People, The King Of Comedy
14Revisited: Swimming to Antartica, Rex, The Orphanage
15Poisoned, First Lady, Dame Helen
16President Bush, Duke LaCrosse Rape Case
17An American in North Korea, Get Me the Geeks!, Brain Man
18Barack Obama, The Death of Timothy Sounders, Norah Jones
19The Other Iraq, Diagnosis: Autism, Hillbilly Rock Star
20Dissension in the Ranks, The Nazi Deception, O'Reilly
21Jihad.Com, Wake-Up Call, Dog Nut
22The Anthrax Case, Left Behind, The Widows of Harlan County
23The Killing in Haditha, Simon Cowell
24John and Elizabeth Edwards, The Network, Prisoner 05A4820
25Under the Influence, Not So Perfect a Match, The Age of Warming
26McCain for President, Vive Les Nukes, Dr. Evil
27Innocent, Imus, Maximum Security Education
28Mind of an Assassin, Life in Baghdad, Stop Snitchin'
29At the Center of the Storm, Armed and Dangerous
30Inside the Enemy Camp, Lou Dobbs, Thrift Shop Masterpiece?
31Mitt Romney, 6%, Ali
32Deepwater, Dumped on Skid Row, One Laptop Per Child
33Fathers, Sons, and Brothers
34Jack Kevorkian, Vanessa Redgrave, President Ahmadinejad
35The No-Fly List, Barry Diller, The Sea Gypsies
36The Mother of All Heists, The Memory Pill, Long John Daly
37Exposing the Truth, Family Ties, Hitler's Secret Archive
38A Fighting Chance, Hiding from Death, Explaining Russell Crowe
39Wake-Up Call, Shooting Tigers, Loneliest People
40Not So Perfect Match, An American in North Korea, Dog Nut
41The Death of Timothy Sounders, Dr. Evil, Hillbilly Rock Star
42Under the Influence, Prisoner 05A4820, A New Kind of Fight
43The Other Iraq, The Phantom of Corleone, The Dame
44Searching for Jacob, Stop Snitchin', King of Comedy
45Deepwater, The Age of Warming, Simon Cowell
46Was It Murder?, Left Behind, One Laptop Per Child
47The Killings in Haditha, The Shipbreakers
48The Dust at Ground Zero, Get Me the Geeks!, Pavarotti
49Alan Greenspan, Swimming with Sharks