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60 Minutes Season 40 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1President Ahmadinejad, Pot Shops, The Match of His Life
2The Justice Nobody Knows, What Killed Rebecca Riley?, Invincible
3The Man from Interpol, Roots, Springsteen, The Bird Man of Idaho
4Blackwater, A Clean Version of Hell, Joel Osteen, Dubai Inc.
5The Age of Megafires, Life Saver, No Ordinary Spy
6Bombing Afghanistan, What's Wrong with the Bees?, Sarko L'Americain
7Curve Ball, The Ivory War, Captain of Capitalism
8Superbug, Insanity on Death Row, Here Come the Millennials
9Evidence of Injustice, The Youngest Terrorist, Calorie Counting
10Awakenings, Hi-Tech Heist, Eagles
11The Purge, One Laptop Per Child, Will Smith
12Kings of Congo, Prescription for Addiction, LT MVP
13Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Garden of Eden, A-Rod
14Joel Osteen, Roots, The Winner
15The Age of Mega-Fires, Pot Shops, Get Me the Geeks!
16President Musharraf, The Executioner, Roger Clemens
17The King of Sushi, War Against Women, The Face Behind Facebook
18House of Cards, Saddam's Confessions
19Dubai Inc., Gordon B. Hinckley
20Obama '08, Hillary for President, Should We Make Cents?
21A Thousand Lives a Month?, The Pursuit of Happiness, Gustavo the Great
22The Prosecution of Governor Siegelman, The Murder of Chauncey Bailey, What's Wrong with the Bees?
23Ohio, Lifeline, The Pentagon's Ray Gun
24John McCain, 26-Year Secret, The Icahn Lift
25The Wrong Medicine, The Science of Sleep
26The Doomsday Vault, The Stone Box, David Beckham
27Five Years, The Gore Campaign, Stat Man
28Sovereign Wealth Fund, The Path to War, A Bigger Leap for Mankind
29State of Corruption, The Kanzius Machine, El Sistema
30Ambush in Afghanistan, The Bypass Effect, The Lost Leonardo
31The IAF, Justice Scalia
32Exonerated, What Really Happend to Pat Tillman?, Dr. Farmer's Remedy
33The Price of Bananas, Detention in America, Alec Baldwin
34The List, Garden of Eden, Bon Jovi
35A 26-Year Secret, House of Cards, Here Come the Millennials
36Officer Herrera Goes Public, The Pentagon's Ray Gun, Captain of Capitalism
37Combustible Dust, Howard Hughes, Joel Osteen
38The Science of Sleep, The Pursuit of Happiness
39Al Hurra, Life Saver, Fish Fuss
40The Purge, Roots, Will Smith
41Kings of Congo, The Path to War, Should We Make Cents
42Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Lifeline, David Beckham
43Searching for Jacob, The Kanzius Machine, El Sistema
44The Executioner, A Bigger Leap for Mankind, Springsteen
45Dubai Inc., Stat Man
46The IAF, Insanity on Death Row, The Icahn Lift
47No Ordinary Spy, The War Against Women, The Lost Leonardo
48The Killings in Haditha, The Wrong Medicine
49Obama Biden '08, Bombing Afghanistan, Awakening
50The War Within, Alec Baldwin, The King of Sushi
51Evidence of Injustice, Justice Scalia
52The Candidates: McCain, The Candidates: Obama