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60 Minutes Season 41 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Bailout, General O, The Collider
2Wall Street's Shadow Market, Kill bin Laden, 0 to 60 on a battery?
3Made by the Mob, High Tech War, The Oldest Family Business
4Al Qaeda Stronger, Government Owned Banks, Bullfighting today
5Credit Default Swaps, T. Boone Pickens, Goronqosa
6Welcome Home, You’re fired, Fake Cop, Bionic People
7The Inner Circle, The Wasteland, Ted Turner
8Obama's First Interview, Musical Savant
9Easy Nukes, For Better or Worse
10The Cheaters, The Silver Star, Michael Phelps
11The Oil Kingdom, Schnabel
12Barney Frank, Where's the Bottom?, And Win Forever
13Governor Schwarzenegger, Airport Security, Elephant Orphans
14The Road to the White House
15Mind Reading, Is It Murder?, The Mad Scientist of Football
16Wall Street Speculation, Obama's Advisor, Wyclef Jean
17The Winter of Our Hardship, No Peace Deal, Wine Rx
18Brace For Impact, Coldplay
19Buy American, Whistle Blower, Taliban Power
20Lower Drinking Age, Muslim Militants, Nazi Mascot
21SEC Ignoring Fraud, Mexico's War, The Republican Obama
22Follow the Failure, DNA exoneration
23What Went Wrong, Nourishment of a Nation
24Barrack & Michelle Obama
25Do You Have Worms?, Kenya Cats, LeBron James
26Closing the Clinic, Torture in Iran, Dolly
27Bionic Veterans, Guns for Sale, Steve Wynn's Win
28Delayed Retirement, Cold Fusion, Ole'!
29Vice President Biden, Powered by Coal, The Orphanage
30Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, wine
31Military, Spy, Baseball
32Secretary Gates, AIG, Anna Wintour
33Buy American, Sergeant Bill, Wine RX
34Failed Banks, Pakistan, Michael Phelps
35Federal Reserve, Dolly Parton
36The Man Who Knew, For Better or For Worse, Alice Waters
37A Clean Version of Hell, The War Next Door, LeBron
38The Cheater$, Mind Reading, Gorongosa
39Saving Flight 1549, Bon Jovi
40Kill Bin Laden, Eyewitness
41Remembering Walter Cronkite
42Gun Rush, Poisoned, Steve Wynn
43Screening the TSA, Is It Murder?, Wyclef
44The Price of Bananas, Brain Power, Swimming with Sharks
45Michael Vick, America's New Air Force, Coldplay
46Remembering Don Hewitt
47The Wasteland, Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction, The Bird Man of Idaho
48The Age of Megafires, Combat in Afghanistan, Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez
49President Obama, Big Teddy, Guiding Light
50The DEKA Arm