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60 Minutes Season 43 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1A Relentless Enemy, People Behind the Mosque, Cool Brees
2Unfinished Business, The Go-To-Guy, Giving Away A Fortune
3High Frequency Trading, Nelson Mandela, Eminem
4City of David, Stand Down, Market Street
5The 99ers, Jane Goodall, Top Gear
6Anger in the Land, Tax the Rich, Zenyatta
7President Obama, Pacman
8Shaleionaires, Haiti, Medal of Honor
9The Merchant of Death, Designing Life, Mark Wahlberg
10Good Cop, Bad Cop, Spider-Man, John Paul Stevens
11The Chairman, Facebook
12The Next Speaker, Brazil, Jerry Jones
13The Day of Reckoning, Endless Memory
14Into The Wild
15Bad Medicine, Wynton
16The Big Gamble, Silver or Lead, A Living for the Dead
17Descent Into Madness, Yemen, The Gambler
18Wikileaks, In Search of the Jaguar
20New Age Revolution, The 33, Lady Gaga
21The Spark, Scott Brown: Against All Odds, The King's Speech
2221st Century Cons
23Hard Times Generation, Hitchens, Spy on the Ice
24Curve Ball, Counterfeit Drugs, The $125,000 Question
25Japan, The N-word, The Archbishop
26The New Tax Havens, One Child At A Time, Coach Hurley
27The Next Housing Shock, Gospel for Teens
28The Murder of Louis Allen, The Library, Albert Pujols
29Greg Mortenson, The Case of Beckett Brennan, The Co-Founder
30Mount Athos, The Billionaire
31Lara Logan, Mitch Landrieu, Zenyatta
32Killing Bin Laden: The President's Story
33The Soldiers' Secretary, Afghanistan's Top Spy, Sovereign Citizens
34Armstrong, The FBI and the Grim Reaper
35U.S. v. Drake, Children in the Fields, Al Sharpton
36Medal of Honor, A Relentless Enemy
37The Speed Traders, City of David, Lady Gaga
38Designing Life, The N-Word, The King's Speech
39The Spark, Endless Memory
40Hard Times Generation, Wynton Marsalis
41The Murder of Louis Allen, One Child at a Time, The Library
42Shaleionaires, Stand Down, Market Street
43Silver or Lead, The Gambler, In Search of Jaguars
44Resurrecting Eden, Mitch Landrieu, The Sharkman
45The Big Gamble, Brazil, Mark Wahlberg
46The next housing shock, The Co-founder, Eminem
47The new tax havens, Top Gear, Albert Pujols
48U.S. vs. DRAKE, The 33, The Archbishop
49Greg Mortenson, Gospel for Teens
50WikiLeaks, Resurrecting the extinct
51The interrogator, Remembering 9/11
52Never Seen the Like, Spy on the Ice, Jerry Jones