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60 Minutes Season 44 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1NYPD's Counterterrorism Unit, Trey Parker and Matt Stone
2Otsuchi Japan, Alex Honnold, Andy Rooney
3Jeffery Immelt, the Egyptian military
4Gen. John Allen, Vincent van Gogh
5Steve Jobs, Apps for Autistic People
6Madoffs, All American
7A Lobbyist's Playbook, Operation Proper Exit, Andy Rooney
8Insiders, Taser, Freeman Hrabowski
9Christine Lagarde, The Pledge, Taylor Swift
10Hard Times Generation, The Flavorists, Angelina
11Prosecuting Wall Street, Michael Bublé
12President Obama, Howard Buffett
13The Majority Leader, The Gardens of the Queen, Meryl Streep
14The Library, Mount Athos
15The Majority Leader, The Perfect Score, The ascent of Alex Honnold
16Stem Cell Treatments, Brothers in the Marines, Truffles
17Groupon, Qatar, Jake
18Wildebeest Migration, Elephant Dictionary, Jane Goodall
19Leon Panetta, Roger Goodell, Big Game Species in US
20Dolly Parton, Anna Wintour, Meryl Streep
21Deception at Duke, India's Gold, The Year of Adele
22Trapped in Unemployment, Treating Depression, The Mozart of Chess
23Going to Extremes
24Stuxnet, The Archbishop of Dublin, Redshirting
25The Spymaster Speaks, Teacher to the World, Aerosmith
26SpaceX, Face Blindness
27Resurrecting Chrysler, Evidence of Innocence, Novak Djokovic
28Hard Landing, Sugar, Art Market
29An Imperfect Union, The Sport of Kings, Joy in the Congo
30Mike Wallace
31The Case Against Lehman, Christians of the Holy Land, The Trouble with Treasure
32Hard Measures, Hooked
33The Raptor, Cleaning Up Whitley County, Michael Phelps
34Hank, The Gulen Movement, The Role of a Lifetime
35Dropping Out, Hard Cases, Roger Waters
36Final Resting Place, Tel Aviv, The Many Meryls
37Elon Musk, Jeff Hall and the NSM, Angelina Jolie
38Leon Panetta, Texas Safaris, Matt Stone and Trey Parker
39Insiders, Freeman Hrabowski, Taylor Swift
40Greg Mortenson, Howard Buffett, Novak Djokovic
41Stuxnet, Qatar, The Most Expensive Food in the World
42A Lobbyist's Playbook, Redshirting, The Mozart of Chess
43Steve Jobs, Apps for Autism
44Evidence of Innocence, India's Gold, Michael Phelps
45Hard Times Generation, The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh
46Sugar, Face Blindness
47Romney Ryan, Trapped in Unemployment, Joy in the Congo
48The Case Against Lehman Brothers, The Archbishop of Dublin, Aerosmith
49The Pledge, Stem Cell Fraud, The Sport of Kings
50Resurrecting Chrysler, The Flavorists, Teacher to the World
51Killing Bin Laden
52The Spymaster Speaks, The Player, The Year of Adele
53President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney