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60 Minutes Season 45 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Afghan President Hamid Karzai, US General John Allen, Arnold Schwarzenegger
2Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei, U.S. Eyeware Company Luxotyica, Singer Rodriguez
3The Syrian Civil War, New Program in Texas for War Vets, Daniel Craig & Barbara Broccoli
4Medical Marijuana, Goldman Sachs Employee Greg Smith, Steven Spielberg
5Jobs & the Economy in Asheboro NC, Missing American Historical Treasures, Shahid Khan
6Partisan U.S. Senate Gridlock, Historian David McCullough, Football Player Aaron Rodgers
7Residents of Belle Harbor NY, Manufacturers Looking for High-Tech Capable Employees, David McCullough
8An Immigration & Customs Enforcement Investigation, Infant Morality, College Football Programs
9Free The Children, New York City Ballet, Dereck & Beverly Joubert
10Claims Against a Hospital Chain, Shin Dong Hyuk, Adventurers Bertrand Piccard & Abdre Borschberg
11Individuals Confessing To Crimes They Did Not Commit, The Race to Save the Tortoise, Hugh Jackman
12Tragedy in Newton, Costa Concordia, The Vatican Library's treasures
13The Year of Adele, Rodriguez, Taylor Swift
14Breakthrough, Morten Storm, Judd Apatow
15Internet's Impact on the News and Print Media, David Kelley and IDEO, The Barcelona Soccer team's Unique Training System
16March of the Machines, Justice Sotomayor, Free Diving
17The President and the Secretary of State, The Fall of Lance Armstrong
18Attack in Algeria, 40 Million Mistakes, Lincoln
19Israel's Iron Dome, World's Largest Civilian Hospital Ship, Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith
20The Life and Death of Clay Hunt, China's Real Estate Mogul, China's Real Estate Bubble
21Lethal Medicine, Sheryl Sandberg, God's Architect
22Disillusionment Among Nuns in America, Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey, Former Hit Man Says He Has Found God
23Crackdown in Russia, Blindsided, The Nile Crocodile
24The Pioneer Hotel Fire, The Lost Boys
25Parents of Children Killed in the Newtown Massacre on Gun Law, Professional Basketball Player Jeremy Lin
26The Warlord, The Knuckleballer, Marfa, Texas
27The Boston Bombings, Sniffing For Bombs, The 9/11 Museum
28Angel of Death, Rosie's Run for the Roses
29Counterinsurgency Cops, Robin Hood, Invisible Wounds
30The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan, Succeeding As Civilians, Bill Gates 2.0
31A Face in the Crowd, Three Generations of Punishment, Michael Jackson
32A Long & Dangerous Journey, Lion Kings, Taylor Swift
33Bionic Limbs, Missing American Historical Treasures, Maggie Smith
34The Cost of Admission, Justice Sotomayor, God's Architect
35The Super Cartel, Sticker Shock, Barca
36Evidence of Innocence, Crackdown in Russia, Design Thinking
37Sheryl Sandberg, David McCullough
38Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Lincoln
39Angel of Death, The Race to Save the Tortoise
40Sniffing for Bombs, The Lost Boys
41American Nuns, Bill Gates 2.0, The Baby Lab
42Counterinsurgency Cops, Africa Mercy, Marfa, Texas
43Lethal Medicine, China's Real Estate Mogul, China's Real Estate Bubble
44Morten Storm, Robin Hood, Free Diving
4540 Million Mistakes, A Face in the Crowd, The Nile Crocodile
46Costa Concordia, Khan Academy, The Innovator
47March of the Machines, The 9/11 Museum, Michael Jackson
48Syria, The Briefer, Rocky Mountain High