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60 Minutes Season 46 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Secretary of State, Imminent Danger, Killing Jesus
2Disability, USA, Super 6-1, Cosmic Roulette
3Detroit, Boy Wonder, Rescue
4Washington's Open Secret, Dick Cheney's Heart, Return of the Humpbacks
5Benghazi, The Deputy Director, The Greatest Show on Earth
6Guantanamo, Lamborghini, The Perfectionist
7210 Days in Captivity, GoPro, Capturing History
8Gitmo, The Giving Pledge, The Recyclers
9The Gaskos, The War Within, Gladwell
10Amazon, The Capitol Dome, Free Diving
11Mandela, Survivor
12Inside the NSA, The Copts
13Susan Rice, Rocky Mountain High, Quarterback Guru
1460 Minutes Presents: Going to Extremes
15The Cleantech Crash, Hollywood's Villain, Volcanoes
16The Case of Alex Rodriguez, Memory Wizards
1760 Minutes Presents: Tales of Survival
18Nowhere To Go, Help Wanted, Jay Leno
1960 Minutes Presents: Amazing Kids
20Sex Matters, Philip Seymour Hoffman, 100,000 Homes
21Enemy of the State, The F-35, Cate Blanchett
22The Shooting at Chardon High, The Con Artist, Liam Neeson
23Gangster Whitey Bulgar, Neo-Nazis in USA, Con artists
24The Data Brokers, The Heart of the Revolution, ALMA
25Bassem Youssef, Drones Over America, Cajun Ketchup
26Manhunt, The Pink Panthers, Cartoons In The New Yorker
27Rigged, Fast Cars and Rocket Ships, The Virtuoso
28Three Years Later, The Health Wagon, Discovered
29Portrait of Pope Francis, Shalane Flanagan casting light on the Boston Marathon
30Robin Hood, Memory Wizards, Joy in the Congo
31America's Missile Fields, Saving the Children
32Over A Barrel, 90+
33Washington's Open Secret, Emergency, Salmon in the Sea
348 Days in Tehran, The Capitol Dome, The Recyclers
35The War Within, Sex Matters, Liam Neeson
36Shooting at Chardon High, The F-35, Capturing History
37Imminent Danger, Bassem Youssef, Cosmic Roulette
38Sticker Shock, 100,000 Homes, Jay Leno
39Drones over America
40The Disability Program, Lamborghini, Cate Blanchett
41Hollywood's Villain, Gladwell, Volcanos
42America's Missile Fields, Discovered
43The Giving Pledge, Rescue, The Greatest Show on Earth
44Help Wanted, ALMA, Nile Crocodile
45China's Real Estate Bubble, The Con Artist, Cajun Ketchup
46The Case of Alex Rodriguez, GoPro
47Rigged, The Health Wagon, The Cartoonist
48The Data Brokers, Three Years Later, Return of the Humpback
49The Pink Panthers, 90+
50Over a Barrel, Saving the Children, Quarterback Guru
51Nowhere to Go, The Gaskos, Alabama Coach Nick Saban