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60 Minutes Season 48 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1President Putin, Trump, The Greatest Escape
2Hands off the Wheel, Patrick Kennedy, The Hidden Holocaust
3President Obama, 30 Years on Death Row
4Seeking Asylum, Make-A-Wish, Revis Island
5Vice President Biden, Inside the Air War, The New Burma
6Heroin In The Heartland, Smart Guns, The Slave Ship
7Into Dangerous Hands, The Collider, Hamilton
8The Paris Attacks, The Speaker of the House, Football and the Brain
9Active Shooter, Common Enemy, The Future of Money
10The Last Prisoner, The Execution of Joseph Wood, Taking on the Eiger
11Confidential Informants, Bonobos
12The New Force Behind Star Wars, Lewis Hamilton
13Inside Apple, Michael Caine
14Mob Stories
15Lost In The Bermuda Triangle, Agromafia, Little Jazz Man
16Road to Syria, Life After Death Row, Hamilton
17The Great Brain Robbery, Sean Penn, Mountain Lions of L.A.
18Make-A-Wish, The Health Wagon, The Giving Pledge
19Heroin in the Heartland, Alive and Kickin', David Bowie
20Money Laundering, Greenland Melting
21John Brennan, Danny Clinch, FIFA
22Recapture of El Chapo, Elaine Weinstein, Danny Boyle
23Preserving The Past
24Dead Or Alive, Face Blindness
25Prime Minister Trudeau, King of Coal, Death Row in Livingston Texas
26Encryption, Aid in Dying, Starchitect
27The Resurrection of St. Benedicts, Presidente Macri, Cornel West
28Make-A-Wish, The Health Wagon, The Giving Pledge
29Crime and Punishment, Christopher Wheeldon, Bubba
3028 Pages, Rising in the East, Switching Teams
31Not Paid, Rikers Island, Hacking Your Phone
32The Heroin Epidemic, Dialing for Dollars, and Gold Star Parents
33Strike-through, Fintech, The Children's Village
34Russia's Dark Secret, The Killing Machine, Earthquake Alley
35Breakthrough Status, Collateral Damage
36Morley Safer: A Reporter's Life
37All in the Family, Inside Edge, Valerie Jarrett
38After Shock, $80 Million Con, The Last Vaquitas
39John Brennan, King of Coal, The Future of Money
40A New Direction on Drugs, The Greatest, Little Jazz Man
41Update on the Orlando Mass Shooting, Lost in the Bermuda Triangle, Hamilton
42Smart Guns, 28 Pages, Taking On The Eiger
43El Chapo, The Resurrection Of St. Benedict's Bubba
44A Night at the Movies
45The Gaskos, The Execution of Joseph Wood, Danny Clinch
46The Republican Ticket, Bastille Day Tragedy, Mountain Lions of L.A.
47The Democratic Ticket, Make-A-Wish
48Life After Death Row, Top of the World, The Children's Village
49Heroin In The Heartland, Christopher Wheeldon, Bonobos
50Not Paid, The Hidden Holocaust, Lewis Hamilton
51Strike-through, Fintech, The Slave Ship
52Anonymous, Inc., Switching Teams
53Hacking Your Phone, 30 Years on Death Row, The Collider
54The 9/11 Museum, Gold Star Parents, Earthquake Alley
55The Libertarian Ticket, The New Cold War (1), Rising in the East