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60 Minutes Season 49 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The King, The New Cold War (2), The Picasso Portfolio
2The Arctic Frontier, Nate Parker, Don't Mess with Mary Quin
3Artificial Intelligence, Bryan Cranston, Gorilla Doctors
4Finding Refuge, The Brothers Rosenberg
5Ask Ohio, Thrown for a Loss, The Influences
6In God's Name, The Pot Vote, The Music of Zomba Prison
7The Battle for Mosul, The National Mood, The Zika Virus
8President-Elect Trump, Letters on ''The Pot Vote''
9Turkey, The Match of their Lives, Bruno Mars
10The Prime Minister, The Alzheimer's Laboratory, Castro
11The Speaker of the House, The Golden Triangle, Drive-by Lawsuits
12Benjamin Netanyahu, The New Colombia, Lost
13The White Helmets, The Pope's Choir, Denzel
14The Pope's Choir, Hamilton
15Crisis in Chicago, Passports for Sale, The Rum War
16The Hostage Policy, The Coming Swarm, The Hunt for Planet Nine
17Barack Obama: Eight Years in the White House
18Finding Refuge, Avalanche, Enhancing the Bike
19Hamilton, The Pope's Choir
20Grammy Night
21The North Korean Threat, The Remington 700, USA Gymnastics
22Behind Bars
23The Alzheimer's Laboratory, Taking on the Eiger
24Le Pen, Voices of the Lost, Saving the Lions
25Poisoned, Prisoner 760
26You're Fired, Fighting Famine, New Kid on the Street
27The Attack in Garland, Fake News, Chess Country
28Shots Fired, Peter Marino
29Brain Hacking, Chief of Chobani, Japan's Babe Ruth
30Return to Newtown, Defenseless, Out of Darkness
31Bloomberg, The Judge, America's Steeplechase
32Tawdry Tales, Norman Seeff's Archive, Starr Students
33Deported, The Nuremberg Prosecutor, Theo and Joe
34The Bin Laden Documents, James Comey, Curiosity
35Sanctuary, Cook County Jail, Enemy of the State
36Operation Car Wash, Snitches, Space Archaeology
37A Survivor's March, In the Path of Fire, Life in Outer Space
38Poisoned, Chief of Chobani, Gorilla Doctors
39The North Korean Threat, Brain Hacking, Bruno Mars
40The White Helmets, Passports for Sale, Chess Country
41Artificial Intelligence, Japan's Babe Ruth
42In God's Name, Saving the Lions, The Music of Zomba Prison
43The Alzheimer's Laboratory, Breaking Good
44The Hostage Policy, Out of Darkness, Enemy of the State
45Tawdry Tales, The Rosenberg Brothers
46Prisoner 760, The Picasso Portfolio
47Return to Newtown, Strike-through, Peter Marino
48You're Fired, The Remington 700, America's Steeplechase
49Attack in Garland, The Coming Swarm, Lost
50Bloomberg, Cook County Jail, The King of CrossFit
51The Storm after the Storm, Enhancing the Bike, New Kid on the Block
52Steve Bannon, The Arctic Frontier
53Heroin in the Heartland, Le Carré