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60 Minutes Season 50 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Hurricane, The Fighter, Divided
2The Shooting, Vast, The Young American
3Storming Room 135, Secret Weapon, The Restaurateur
4The Whistleblower, Redemption
5Inside al Qaeda, Pelican Bay, Corkscrewed
6God of War, The Blockade of Qatar, The Forger
746 Days, The Leaning Tower of San Francisco, Alma Deutscher
8Friendly Fire, Aly Raisman
9Catastrophe, Voyagers, Rebuilding from the Wreckage
10Feeding Puerto Rico, Wounds of War, The Isle of Eigg
1150 years of 60 Minutes
12Governor Brown, The Challenger, Donald Sutherland
13Too Big to Prosecute, An American Terrorist, Airlift
14Delivered From Evil, Japan's Babe Ruth, Whisky Island
1560 Minutes Presents: Making A Difference
16Disinformation Warfare, Predicting Murder, Impact
17Kabul under siege, Element of Truth, Portland
18The leaning tower of San Francisco, Le Carré
19Trump speaks about train crash involving GOP House Members
20Chief of Chobani, The Rum War, The Restaurateur
21Showdown, Olympic Cheating, Senator Gillibrand
22Secretary Tillerson, Divided II
23War Crime, JR, Jennifer Lawrence
2460 Minutes Presents: Behind Bars
25Human Cargo, Secretary of Education, Treating Trauma
26The Monuments, Clones of Polo, Robert E. Lee Statue
27Students of Stoneman Douglas, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
28The Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview, 'The Greek Freak'
29Mancini's Brain, Second Act, The Scrolls of Herculaneum
30Hacking Democracy, the Legacy of Lynching, The Harvard Lampoon
31Flying Under the Radar, Closing the Gender Pay Gap
32Untangling the Facebook Data Scandal, Inside MIT's 'Future Factory', For Better or Worse: Living with Alzheimer's
33CRISPR, The Gates Scholars, Seaweed
34The Rockford File, Orphans of War, Into the Wild
35100,000 Women, Saving a Generation, Shock Therapy
36Pope Francis, At the Zoo
37The Real Power of Google, The Theranos deception, The Spotted Pig
38Friendly Fire, The Rhino Crisis
39Kabul under siege, Feeding Puerto Rico, 'The Greek Freak'
40Singapore Summit, Secret Weapon, JR
41The Whistleblower, Donald Sutherland
42Human Cargo, Governor Brown, The Isle of Eigg
4350 years of 60 Minutes
44Redemption, Voyagers, The Young American
45The Monuments, Seaweed, Alma
46Pelican Bay, Vast, Airlift
47Inside al Qaeda, At the Zoo
48Wounds of War, The Leaning Tower of San Francisco, Jennifer Lawrence
49Hacking Democracy, the Legacy of Lynching, For Better or For Worse
50The Fighter, Collateral Damage, The Harvard Lampoon
51War Crime, Saving a Generation, Second Act
52The Data Miner, The Shooting, The Price of Admission
53Aly Raisman, Clones
54The Theranos Deception, Impact, Future Factor
55The Dutch Solution, The Power of Google, Into the Wild