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60 Minutes Season 52 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Impeachment Inquiry, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Great White
2The Impeachment Debate, The Ranger and the Serial Killer, The Farmer's Advocate
3Hong Kong, Nadia, Psychedelic Science
4Tree of Life, Madame Lagarde, The Columbus Letters
5Joe Biden, The Emerald Triangle, Giant Panda
6Maria Butina, The Battle of Brexit, The Wright Way
7Jamie Dimon, Dimon in Detroit, Targeting the Truth
8Red Flag, Into The Deep, The Youngest Refugees
9The Russian Hack, Tania’s Story, Mind Reading
10YouTube, Unsheltered, Built by Angels
11Genetic Information Age, City On A Hill, The Sandman
12A Central Ally, The Lost Music
13Mark Bradford, The Pavarotti of Pasta, Built by Angels
14Genetic Revolution, Psychedelic Science, A Radical Solution
15Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Cell, On the Farm, Shakira
16Venice is Drowning, Joaquin Phoenix, Rafa
1760 Minutes Presents: Whitaker’s Wildlife Tour
18Frontotemporal Dementia, Pleistocene Park, John Green
1960 Minutes Presents: Great Adventures
20A Continent On Fire; The Server; West Side Story
21Bernie Sanders, 298 Counts of Murder, Vision of Music
22Mike Bloomberg, The Trial of Eddie Gallagher, Array of Hope
23COVID-19, Fiona Hill, Elfstedentocht
24On the Frontline, Children of Flint, Kings of the Road
25Stopping the Virus, The Economic Emergency, A Populist Movement
26The Epicenter, Brené Brown, The African Basketball Trail
27Critical Condition, Talking to the Past
28Short Supply, Staying Well, The Resurrection of St. Nicholas
29Life and Death, Feeding a Nation, The Crown Prince of Kabuki
30On the Line, Outbreak Science, The Unseen Enemy
31The Jobless, Where Did the Money Go?, The State of Texas
32Pandemic Politics, Amazon, Ghost Guns
33Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Whistleblower, The Reckoning
34The Promise of Plasma, Spilling Across the Border, Perseverance
35Nation in Crisis, A Long Siege, Failure to Protect
3660 Minutes Presents: The Lost Music
37The College Test, Exhume the Truth, Three Empty Chairs
38The Chief, The Opioid Playbook
39Voting During the Pandemic, The Wild West of Testing, Probiotics
40The Children of Flint, A Different Kind of Vision, Rafa
41298 Counts of Murder, The Monuments, West Side Story
42Nadia, A Populist Movement, The Wright Way
43Genetic Revolution, The Youngest Refugees, Vision of Music
44The Emerald Triangle, the Columbus Letters, Built By Angels
45Know My Name, Giant Panda
46Psychedelic Science, Malta, Shakira
47The Russian Hack, Kings of the Road, The Sandman
48Red Flag, Talking to the Past
49The Ranger and the Serial Killer, Mind Reading, The Resurrection of St. Nicholas
50Mr. Woodward? The President, Spilling Across the Border, Joaquin Phoenix