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60 Minutes Season 53 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Battle for the Ballot, H.R. McMaster, Coach O and the Sideways Season
2Florida’s Amendment 4, The Wall, Sir David
3Cause and Effect, Talent on the Spectrum, Seinfeld in 2020
4Nadia, A Different Kind of Vision, The Wright Way
5Treating COVID-19 Today, The Lincoln Project, Grizzlies
6Genetic Revolution, The Youngest Refugees, Vision of Music
7Putin’s Public Enemy, Dr. Fauci, Hell Flight
8The Republican Ticket, The Democratic Ticket
9Ask Ohio, Arizona Counts, The First Outbreak
10Counting the Vote, Operation Warp Speed, Ken Burns
11The 44th President, TikTok
12COVID’s Long-Haulers; Where did they Go?; 90+
13Securing the Election, The Last Slave Ship, James Corden
14Peddling PPE, Secondary Sports, Viola Davis
15Saudi Fugitives, The High Cost of Healing, Excited Delirium
16An End in Sight, Justice Defenders, Built by Angels
1760 Minutes Presents: Home for the Holidays
18Section 230, The Case Against Curtis Flowers, Notes of Grace
19January 6th, 11,780 Votes, American Independent
20Against All Enemies, The Threat, The Comeback
21Left Behind, The Biodata Race, DNA For Sale
22SolarWinds, Bill Gates 3.0, Simone Biles
23Attack on the Judiciary, Handcuffed to the Truth, QAnon
24Progress and Patience, Incoming, Colson Whitehead
25The Unequal Recession, The Long Shot, Back to the Moon
26Variants, The Prosecutor, Best Band in the Land
27Prosecuting the Riot, Race in the Ranks, Back to School
28What Happened in Wuhan?, Dynamic Robots, Kindred in the Bleachers
29A Fair Shot, Darren Walker, Survival
30Chairman Powell, The Last Pandemic, Prince and the Revelation
31The Oath Keepers; Race and Health; Viola Davis
32The Prosecutors, Putin’s Public Enemy, Showstopper
33The Secretary of State, Chips, The Premonition
34Ingenuity and Perseverance, The Ritchie Boys
35Facial Recognition, UAP, Rafa
36Transgender Healthcare, Geldingadalir, Exhume the Truth
37Attack on the Judiciary, 90+, Notes of Grace
38What Happened in Wuhan?, Ransomware, Sir David
39High Velocity, The Last Slave Ship, Simone Biles
40The Prosecutors, The Oath Keepers, Japan’s Babe Ruth
41Targeting Americans, The Nuremberg Prosecutor, James Corden
42SolarWinds, Ken Burns, Best Band in the Land
43Handcuffed to the Truth, Robots to the Rescue, Colson Whitehead
44Left Behind, Talent on the Spectrum, Survival
45The Case Against Curtis Flowers, The Wright Way, Prince and the Revelation
46Ingenuity and Perseverance, Darren Walker, The Premonition
47Incoming, Dynamic Robots, Grizzlies
48Hell Flight, Justice Defenders, Kings of the Road
49Race in the Ranks, Geldingadalir, Kindred in the Bleachers
50Chips, UAP, The Comeback
51The Last Pandemic, The Ritchie Boys