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60 Minutes Season 54 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
160 Minutes remembers 9.11: The FDNY
2Take the Fight to the Night, Rep. Liz Cheney, King of the Deep
3The Facebook Whistleblower, Unforgiven, The Final Act
4Deepfakes, 1,000 Children, Deep Springs
5Robert Gates, The Green River Drift, Whither Ye Olde English Pub
6Prince v. Spy, Running Dry, Michael Keaton
7Democracy Lost, A New Model, The Future of Sapiens
8The Second Amendment Preservation Act, The Longest Running Oil Spill, Carnegie Heroes
9Freight Expectations, Andrew Sullivan, The Get Back Sessions
10Reimagining Police, Supersonic, Caligula’s Gardens
11Hazing, Saving the Mountain Gorillas, Rita Moreno
12Reality Winner, China’s Next Revolution?, Gucci
13Negotiating With the Taliban, Let There Be Light, An Island Off an Island
14“The Beast,” America’s Dirty Secret, Trevor Noah
15Weather & Wine, Drawing Truth to Power
1660 Minutes Presents: The Ritchie Boys
17The Big Quit, One Small Step, The Kicker
18The Betrayal, Chris Stapleton
1960 Minutes Presents: An Hour of Music
2060 Minutes Presents: A 60 Minutes Wildlife Tour
21Death in Training, Breaking Point, Canada’s Unmarked Graves
2260 Minutes Presents: Cheers!
23The Front, Targeting Americans
24The Grid, Wrongful Detainees, Headlines, Deadlines & Bottom Lines
25Platform 4, State of the Pandemic, Flying Blind
26Voting Rights and Wrongs, Secretary Pete, Ted Lasso
27Economic Shock and Awe, Through the Roof, Sue Bird
28Talking to the Past, One Small Step
29City of Lions, Londongrad, Laurie Anderson
30President Zelenskyy, Bitcoin Beach
31Shields Up, Running Volkswagen, eVTOLs
32Director of the FBI, Examining the bin Laden Papers, Mayor Adams
33Harvest of War, Eurovision, Birds Aren't Real
34Mark Esper, Crisis, Ballet in Exile
35Bellingcat, Sharswood
36In Short Supply, Chicago Hope, Jonas Kaufmann
3760 Minutes Presents – Cheers!
38High Velocity, The Green River Drift, Caligula's Gardens
39The Longest Running Oil Spill, Canada’s Unmarked Graves, Carnegie Heroes
40Wrongful Detainees; Headlines, Deadlines, Bottom Lines; Rita Moreno
41Londongrad, Democracy Lost, Trevor Noah
4260 Minutes Presents – Working Dads
43Targeting Americans, Take the Fight to the Night
4460 Minutes Presents – An Hour of Music
4560 Minutes Presents - Looking Toward the Future
4660 Minutes Presents - The Ritchie Boys
47Prince V. Spy; Supersonic; The Improbable Tale of Ted Lasso
48Saving the Mountain Gorillas; Deep Springs, Gucci
49Reality Winner; Array of Hope; Laurie Anderson
50Deepfakes, Drawing Truth to Power, King of the Deep
51Death in Training, An Island Off An Island, Flying Blind
52Running Dry, Hope Chicago, Eurovision
53Bellingcat, Justice Defenders, Ballet in Exile
54The Grid, Sharswood
55Crisis, A New Model, The Kicker
56Queen Elizabeth II begins her final journey; 9/11: The FDNY