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60 Minutes Season 55 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1President Biden, Ebrahim Raisi
2Secretary of State Blinken; Inside the Committee; Rescuing Reefs
3Olena Zelenska, What Happened at Grizzly Flats, Captain Kolisi
4Life in Taiwan, Aftermath of Ian, Bart Barner
5The Lost Souls Of Bucha, The Power Of Grimsby, Coach Prime
6Dominion; American Prairie; Ina Garten
7Belief in the Ballot, Pathogen X, David Sedaris
8Angry in America, Buses from the Border, Ready or Not
9The Surfside Mystery, The Paper Brigade, Sona and the Kora
10The Most Dangerous Place in the World, The Panini Sticker Phenomenon, Wild Horses
11Grave Injustice, Survival of the Friendliest, Comparative Oncology
12The French President, Return to Gorongosa, The South Dakota Kid
13The Treasury Secretary, Suing Social Media, College of Magic
14Convoy of Life, Litigation Funding, Lourdes
15Eat, Drink & Be Merry
16Radio Free Europe, The Vanishing Wild, Obesity
17Prince Harry, Hans Zimmer
18Star Power; Hide and Seek; The Guru
1960 Minutes Presents: Stories That Inspire
20The IMF Report | Investigating Donald Trump | Red Hot Chili Peppers
21Canada’s Unmarked Graves, Sharswood
22Candles Against the Darkness; Prime Minister Marin; The Historymakers
23Kherson Under Fire, The Girls of SOLA
24Please Let Me Die; Who is Minding the Chatbots?; David Byrne
25Tales of our Four-Legged Friends
26The State of the Navy; "Only in America"
27Feeling of Feeling; Silicon Valley Scandal; Charles Barkley
28MTG; The Secretary and the Border; Fire and Ice
29The Origin of Everything; Sportswashing; The Resurrection Of Notre Dame
30Revolution; The Unlikely Adventures of David Grann
31Healing and Hope; Who is Ray Epps; Nicolas Cage
32The Domino Effect; Out Of Thin Air; An American Down Under
33This Ancient Atrocity; Lithium Valley; James Nachtwey
34The Church's Firm; The Sperm Whales Of Dominica; Yannick Nézet-Séguin
35Price Gouging; Targeting Seniors; Jeff Koons
36Radio Free Europe; Return To Gorongosa; The Guru
37Revisiting the Past
38Suing Social Media; Prince Harry [Repeat]
39Crisis; Land of Fire and Ice; Survival of the Friendliest [Repeat]
40Revolution; David Byrne
41Please Let Me Die; Taiwan; Red Hot Chili Peppers
42Convoy of Life; Sportswashing; A Hans Zimmer Score
43The State of the Navy; Only in America
44The Revolution; Nicolas Cage
45Feeling of Feeling; The Girls of SOLA
46Litigation Funding; The HistoryMakers; The Unlikely Adventures of David Grann
47The Power of Grimsby; Lourdes; The South Dakota Kid
48Grave Injustice; Running Dry; Charles Barkley
49Pathogen X; Sona and the Kora; The Panini Sticker Phenomenon
50Silicon Valley Scandal; American Prairie; James Nachtwey
51Who is Ray Epps?; The Domino Effect; Yannick Nézet-Séguin
52Targeting Seniors; The Resurrection of Notre Dame; The Sperm Whales of Dominica
53Hide and Seek; An American Down Under; Jeff Koons
549/11: The FDNY