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60 Minutes Season 56 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1President Zelenskyy; Into the Streets; Prime Time in Colorado
2CARE Court; Bankrolling the War; Hanging On
3Attorney General; The Rise and Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried
4The Godfather of AI; General Milley; Rich Paul; 3D Printing
5President Biden; Rescue at the Kibbutz; The 50
6The Five Eyes; A Prisoner of Iran; Pink; The Isle of Man
7Vice President Harris; A Quiet Invasion; The Air We Breathe; The State of the Blues
8John Eastman; Our Mistake Is Your Responsibility; Monkey Island
9Iran's Assassin; The Heritage War; Horse Racing Reform
10Disappeared; The Stand; The Underboss; Africatown
11Rise; Sealand; Ancient Vines
12Chaos on Campus; Quantum Computing; Greta Gerwig
13The Resistance; Red and Green; Novak Djokovic
14The Hostage Story; Looting of Cambodia; Gnawa
1560 Minutes Presents: Animal Magnetism
16Commercial Real Estate; Master of the Mind
17Agency in Crisis; Interpol; Modern Ark
18Chairman Powell; A Hole In The System; The Mismatch
19Crisis in the Red Sea; Fake Electors; Finding Cillian Murphy
20142 Days in Gaza; China
21Operation Lone Star; 97 Books; Artemis
22Rise; Jeff Koons
23An Island Off An Island; Caligula's Gardens; Return to Gorongosa
24The Capital of Free Russia; Healing Justice
25The Right to Be Wrong; AMLO; Law of the Sea
26Targeting Americans; Indian Relay
27Dr. Kuznetzov; Your Chatbot Will See You Now; The Ring
28Scattered Spider; Knife; Tasmanian Tiger
29Secretary of Commerce; On British Soil; Kevin Hart
30Children of War; Nvidia; Crisis at Pearl Harbor
31Leader Jeffries; Work to Own; St. Mary's
32A Week in Israel; A Web of Intrigue
33Pope Francis; Cuban Spycraft; The Album
34Operation Lone Star; Isle of Man
35The Sperm Whales of Dominica; Monkey Island; Hanging On
36Fake Electors; A Prisoner of Iran; Rich Paul
37An Island off an Island; Caligula's Gardens; Return to Gorongosa
38Iran’s Assassins; Red and Green; Pink
39An American in China; A Quiet Invasion
40Agency in Crisis; The Godfather of AI; The Underboss