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A Discovery of Witches Cast

as Diana Bishop
as Matthew Clairmont
as Sarah Bishop
as Gerbert D'Aurillac
as Peter Knox
as Satu Jarvinen
as Marcus Whitmore
as Miriam Shepherd
as Dominico Michele
as Emily Mather
as Ysabeau de Clermont
as Agatha Wilson
as Baldwin Montclair
as Baldwin Montclair
as Marthe
as Gallowglass de Clermont
as Sophie Norman
as Nathaniel Wilson
as Phoebe Taylor
as Benjamin Fuchs
as Hamish Osborne
as Fernando Gonçalves
as Christopher Roberts
as Gillian Chamberlain
as Francoise
as Andrew Hubbard
as Jack Blackfriars
as Kit Marlowe
as Goody Alsop
as Susanna Norman
as Philippe de Clermont
as Sir Walter Raleigh
as Louisa de Clermont
as Ransome Fayrweather
as Rudolf II