About Us

Next Episode is a 19 year old website and community dedicated to helping you organize and keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Started as a personal passion project by it's founder - Nikolay Nachev (back in 2005), Next Episode quickly grew into a useful tool that thousands of users rely on daily to keep track of the TV shows they watch and to discover new ones they'll love.

The Team

With the help of some long-time users and volunteers, Nikolay is still actively maintaining and developing the website and the Next Episode iOS and Android apps. You can follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter or just get in touch by sending him a message here, on the website.

Our Mission

To bring you the best tools and experience tracking your TV shows and movies. We try to keep Next Episode clutter free, no bells and whistless and no nonsense features. Simple, functional, consistent.

We moderate aggressively for spam and manually approve and check each and every show added to the service. Extra features like TV show trailers are also hand picked and regularly checked for dead / restricted videos and fixed so you have the best experience possible.

Want to help?

Easiest way to support Next Episode is to get Next Episode Premium.

It's an annual subscription that removes ads and unlocks a ton of features on the site - like email and site notifications, all discovery charts, following actors/creators/shows and receiving notifications for that, exporting your calendar to iCal or Google calendar, RSS feeds and many, many more site tweaks and features.

If you have something else in mind - just get in touch. We respond right away!


How do I watch, stream or download a TV show or movie?
Next Episode does not offer any content for downloading and/or streaming. We do, however, make it easy for you to find where your favorite shows and movies are streamed and available to watch. Just go to the show page, for example here and check out the "Stream on" section. This can be customized by country!
What is this site for?
Next Episode keeps a list of the TV shows and movies you follow and via various tools helps you keep an eye on what has aired and what not and track what's watched. It also offers many (filterable and customizable) discovery charts to help you find the next great thing to watch.
What kind of notifications can I get for my TV shows and movies?
We offer various email and site notifications like new episodes, season premieres, new trailers, new shows from favorite creators or actors and much more. The mobile apps can even notify you for upcoming (15 minutes before airing) episodes.
Is the TV calendar customizable?
By default the TV clendar displays only TV series from your watchlist. You can also include your Movies in there or shows that are not in your watchlist. Many other little tweaks are also available through the "customize" button.
Can I export the TV calendar do Goolge Calendar or iCal?
Yes. Just go to the calendar page and find the Export link. You can copy/import that link to Google calendar or any other calendar service you use. It's an automatically updating calendar feed tailored with the TV shows and movies from your watchlist!
Where does the data come from?
Next Episode uses the officially provided APIs of thetvdb.com and tvmaze.com to fetch information about TV shows and themoviedb.com for the movies.

Each request for a new show is manually verified and some of the data is hand picked as well (like shows images, youtube trailers, show creators, some show descriptions and alternate names etc).

Show ratings and suggestions ("you may also like") are generated by our users and all discovery charts are based on our own usage and algoritms.
How do I add a missing show?
We have a page for that. Simply request the show to be added here.
How do I track which episodes I've watched?
Easy (well, that's the main point of this service, right?) - you just open the Episodes page (from the main menu of the site) and click the little [-] icon infront of every episode you want to mark watched. Then - those disappear and you're only left with a list of not yet watched episodes.
What do I do if I have more questions, thoughts or suggestions?
You're most welcome to post in our forums, the facebook page or simply get in touch through our contact form or email.