About Us Next Episode is a 18 year old website and community dedicated to helping you organize and keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies.

With the help of some long-time users and volunteers, the founder - Nikolay Nachev - is still actively maintaining and developing the website and the Next Episode mobile apps. FAQ Can I download or stream from this site? Absolutely not. Next Episode does not offer any content for downloading and/or streaming. You can only watch (YouTube hosted) trailers for TV Shows and Movies.

Next Episode keeps a list of the TV shows and movies you follow and via various tools helps you keep an eye on what has aired and what not and track what's watched. Where does the data come from? Next Episode uses the officially provided APIs of thetvdb.com and tvmaze.com to fetch information about TV shows and themoviedb.com for the movies. How do I add a missing show? We have a page for that. Simply request the show to be added here. How do I track which episodes I've watched? Easy (well, that's the main point of this service, right?) - you just open the Episodes page (from the main menu of the site) and click the little [-] icon infront of every episode you want to mark watched. Then - those disappear and you're only left with a list of not yet watched episodes. What do I do if I have more questions, thoughts or suggestions? You're most welcome to post in our forums, the facebook page or simply get in touch through our contact form or email.