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Akame ga Kill! Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Kill the Darkness
2Kill Authority
3Kill the Grudge
4Kill the Relic Wielder
5Kill the Fantasy
6Kill the Absolute Justice
7Kill the Three (1)
8Kill the Three (2)
9Kill the Battle Fanatic
10Kill the Temptation
11Kill the Mad Scientist
12Kill the Newcomers
13Kill the Nuisances
14Kill the Colossal Danger Beast
15Kill the Religious Organization
16Kill the Puppets
17Kill the Curse
18Kill the Demons
19Kill the Fate
20Kill the Carnage
21Kill the Despair
22Kill the Little Sister
23Kill the Emperor
24Akame ga Kill!
SpecialTatsumi and Leone
Special1 Minute Cooking
SpecialHot Spring
SpecialMail Order Part 1
SpecialEsdeath's Happy Torture Classroom
SpecialSocial Studies Field Trip
SpecialFolktale: Estaro
SpecialJob Interview
SpecialDX Incursio
SpecialGirl's Bar
SpecialMail order Part 2
SpecialNew Hideout
SpecialLove Esdeath, Seriously!"
SpecialSeryu's Fun Crime Prevention Classroom
SpecialMother's Memory...!?
SpecialGhost House
SpecialLightning Speed! Susanoo-san
SpecialRakshasa Stand-Up
SpecialMail order Part 3
SpecialFolktale: Tsuru no Ongaeshi
SpecialAkame and Kurome