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This show chronicles the efforts of a cop (Sarah Jones) and team of FBI agents tracking down a group of missing Alcatraz prisoners and guards who reappear in the present day.

Show Info

Aired on:
60 min.
3.52/5 (21 ratings)
More Info:
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as Detective Rebecca Madsen
as Dr. Diego "Doc" Soto
as Emerson Hauser
as Warden Edwin James
as Dr. Lucille Banerjee
as Deputy Warden Elijah Bailey Tiller
as Raymond Archer
as Jimmy Dickens


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
Orlando said:
Well, it does have all the episodes.

Yeah that's a point of view. It's a fact actually :P
by posted
Well, it does have all the episodes.
by posted
by posted
kmorrisuk said:
so J.J. Abrams took what everyone though the whole lost island was about for a while and applied it to this.

Got to say little bit dissapointed with that bit of a cop out for me

I'm pretty sure Jorge was joking. :)
by posted
Can't really bring myself to care about this being cancelled. I stuck with it, but only really because I was curious to see if it would improve. The mystery intrigued me slightly, but that was it. It's wasn't good and I felt is was sure to be axed after a few episodes in. To end incomplete on a cliffhanger with so many unanswered questions would normally irritate me, but my reaction to this was more along the lines of: "Meh".

Moving on.

EDIT: It also occurs to me - yet another show trying to emulate Lost (flashback city, mysteries etc.) axed after the first season. So it can join Flashforward and The Event on the scrap heap.
by posted
so J.J. Abrams took what everyone though the whole lost island was about for a while and applied it to this.

Got to say little bit dissapointed with that bit of a cop out for me
by posted
by posted
by posted
graybags said:
Or they could make a comic series. :)

They could, but a) not everyone who watches TV wants to read a comic and b) comic series involve costs

Well, I think that more people (especially Americans :>) would prefer to read a comic than plain text. Anyway, I would appreciate any kind of closure, because the finale not only didn't explain anything but also left us with a nasty cliffhanger.
by posted
graybags said:
I would have like to see where they were going with it though. I hate when they cancel shows that have a mystery to them, because now we'll never know. And it knaws at me. :mad:

Me too. When a show like Alcatraz is definitely for the chop it would be nice if the shows creators could maybe take time out just put on the web somewhere what the the whole mystery was, so we knew and weren't left hanging. That way the fans would know and it wouldn't cost anyone anything.

Totally agree... A couple years ago, a show called Traveler was axed, and the creator actually came out and posted a sorta blog or something detailing what their plans were for future seasons and explained some of the mysterious elements. I think doing that really shows a true appreciation towards the viewers/fans.. That said, I sorta agree with Orlando and I bet the creators had no idea themselves what the actual mystery was..

Anyways, this show was pretty terrible despite the interesting concept.. so not all that suprised or upset..