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American Horror Story - Cast

as Madison Montgomery
as Cordelia Foxx
as Zoe Benson
as Myrtle Snow
as Lana Winters
as Vivien Harmon
as Ben Harmon
as Tate Langdon
as Constance Langdon
as Kit Walker
as Jimmy Darling
as Sister Jude
as Fiona Goode
as Elsa Mars
as Dr. Oliver Thredson
as Violet Harmon
as Dandy Mott
as Bette and Dot Tattler
as Misty Day
as Alex Lowe
as The Countess Elizabeth
as Sister Mary Eunice
as Grace Bertrand
as Madame Delphine LaLaurie
as Desiree Dupree
as Kyle Spencer
as Mr. James March
as John Lowe
as Liz Taylor
as Ally Mayfair-Richards
as Kai Anderson
as Monsignor Timothy Howard
as Dr. Arthur Arden
as Maggie Esmerelda
as Spalding
as Stanley
as Ethel Darling
as Shelby Miller TV / Actress Audrey Tindall
as Matt Miller TV / Actor Dominic Marks
as Winter Anderson
as Ms. Miriam Mead
as Patrick Read
as Gino Barelli
as Dell Toldeo
as Hypodermic Sally
as Donovan
as Will Drake
as Shelby Miller
as Lee Harris TV / Actress Monet Tumusiime
as Ivy Mayfair-Richards
as Michael Langdon
as Brooke Thompson
as Montana Duke
as Xavier Plympton
as Chet Clancy
as Mr. Jingles
as Richard Ramirez / The Night Stalker
as Adam Carpenter
as Larry Harvey
as Gloria Mott
as Thomasin "The Butcher" White / Actress Agnes Mary Winstead
as Matt Miller
as Dr. Rudy Vincent
as Mallory
as Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt
as Margaret Booth
as Trevor Kirchner
as Ramona Royale
as Ambrose White TV / Actor Dylan
as Dinah Stevens
as Dr. Hannah Wells
as Barbara Read
as Theo Graves
as Wilhelmina Venable
as Sarah "Belle Noir" Cunningham
as Henry
as Billie Dean Howard
as Sidney Aaron James
as Austin Sommers
as Harry Gardener
as Ursula Khan
as Alma Gardener
as Kathy Pizazz
as Dr. Elias Cunningham / Actor William Van Henderson
as Edward Philippe Mott / Actor Rory Monahan
as Mr. Gallant
as John Henry Moore
as TB Karen
as Doris Gardener
as Mamie Eisenhower
as Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower
as Kendall Carr
as Cal Cambon
as Troy Lord
as Jamie Howard
as Jeff Pfister
as Chief Burelson
as The Chemist
as Leslie "Lark" Feldman
as Amelia Earhart
as Maria Wycoff