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American Idol Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Start It Up!
2Part Deux
3One Last Batch
4Cut 'Em Up
5Eight is Enough!
6Two to Tango
7Here We Go Again
8Oh, Who Will It Be?!
9Eight more will come before us…
10Get ready to see two happy people. And six unhappy ones.
11American Idol: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
12Last Batch
13Two By Two They March To The Finals
15I Need Results, Not Excuses!
16The Clean Dozen
17The First One Bites The Dust!
18Eleven Man Band
19One More Shall Fall
2010, 9, 8… Ah, You Know How The Rest Goes
21Ten Will Become Nine
22You Kids Be Good!
23Not The Final Countdown!
24The Hits!
25Eight Minus One is Seven
26(Insert Clever Headline Here)
27One Will Go. Six Will Remain. A Recap Will Be Written. You Will Laugh At Least Once.
28American Idol Special: Halfway Home
29Six Of One, Half Dozen Of Another.
30Six To The Five On A To The I
31And Then There Were Five (A Title That Can Be Used With Any Number)
32Five Minus One Equals Four. (And Other Simple Math)
33The Final Four Is A Trademarked Term, So I Won't Use It As A Cliched Title.
34Want To See A Magic Trick? Tonight Somebody Will Disappear!
36Soon, There Will Be Two. Very Soon, In Fact.
37Let's learn about Ruben and Clay!
38Clay v. Ruben
39I Bet It'll Be Ruben! Or Clay!
SpecialThe Good, The Bad and the Ugly
SpecialWhere Are They Now
SpecialAmerican Idol Special: Halfway Home