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American Idol Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1First Show, First Recap
2The Journey Continues!
3Night Three!
4Finally! A Show About California!
5Mokolokilikilanilaki! It's Hawai'i!
6The Road is to Hollywood! (Is Paved with Broken Dreams. And Asphalt.)
7You're Going to Hollywood! (For a Little Bit, At Least.)
887 - People Not Good Enough = 32 Finalists!
10Two Will Be Happy. Six Will Be Sad. Lots Will Be Watching.
11Sing Again!
12The Final Decision...But The Right One?
13I'm Back, Baby!
14You! Over here! With the rest of the finalists!
15Uncut, Uncensored and Untalented
16Group Four! Then the Wild Card!
17Finally! Finalists!
18Wild Card Round (1)
19Wild Card Round (2)
2012 Finalists Have Been Chosen
21Clay Aiken Returns
221 Down 11 To Go
23Soon There Will Be 10
2410 Contestants Sing
2510 - 1 = 9
26Elton John Theme
27Tamyra Gray Returns
288 Left To Compete
29Down to 7 (Battle of the Jo(h)n's)
307 Sing!!
316 Remain - Barry Manilow Visits
326 Perform
336-1=5 Is The Result
34American Idol: The Final Five 2004
355 Idols Sing
36Only 4 Remain
374 Idols Perform
38Only 3 Idols Remain
39The Final 3 2004
403 Sing
41Now Down To 2
42American Idol: The Phenomenon
43Fantasia Barrino Vs. Diana DeGarmo
44And The Winner Is.....
45Kelly, Ruben & Fantasia: Home for Christmas
SpecialAmerican Idol: Christmas Songs
SpecialFinal Five Special
SpecialPhenomenom Special
SpecialUncut, Uncensored Talent