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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 30 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Pleasures of Parenting, Influencer Flubs, and Catastrophe Countdown
2Employees of the Month, Magic, and Kids Getting Upset for Dumb Reasons
3Wisdom Teeth, Stumblebums, and Sensitive Startle Reflex
4Things That Go “Boo!”, Weddings, and Bonehead Brigade
5The Prank Bank, I'm Not Buying Your Excuse, and What Are the Odds?
6The Teen Commandments, Riddles, and Stuck
7Thanksgiving, Selfies, and Dog Park
8Gender Reveals, Magic Fails, and I Think I See the Problem
9Whoa Christmas Tree, Boneheads, and Sassy Seniors
10Prank You Very Much, Kids Getting Upset for Dumb Reasons, and Twins
11Golf Gaffes, Boneheads, and You Had One Job
12Daddy-Daughter Time, Kids Say, and The Trouble with Shoes
13Donkeys, Bonehead Brigade, and Recovery Room Ramblers
14Bicycles, Copycats, and Birthdays
15Influencer Flubs, Cats, and Virtual Reality
16Boneheads on Parade, Weddings, and Who Made This Mess?
17The Teen Scene, Two-Fers, and Kids Who Stink at Hide and Seek
18The Easter Funny, Sink-Sprayer Gags, and Pathetic Athletics
19Kid Vids, Near Misses, and Kids Getting Upset for Dumb Reasons
20Birthdays, Bubbles, and Influencer Flubs
21The Scratchin' Post, Basketball, and $100,000 Competition
22Grand Prize Spectacular, Funny Faces, and Boneheads on Parade
SpecialAFV: America, This Is You!