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America's Funniest Home Videos Season 31 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Working from Home, Bummer Alert, and Virtual Assistant Insanity
2Halloween, Twinsies, and It's a Generational Thing
3Birthdays, Bonehead Brigade, and Stuck!
4All Hail the Ruiners, Science Experiments, and Ticked-Off Kangaroos
5The Prank Bank, Stumblebums and A Salute to Seniors
6Bummer Alert, Magic, and Sink Sprayer Pranks
7Happy Hollidaze, Pranks, and Kids Getting Upset for Dumb Reasons
8Safari So Good, Amateur Movers, and People Distracted by Smart Phone
9Kids and Pets Sneaking Food, Bad Hair Days, and I think I see the Problem
10Salute to Seniors, Mud, and the Toddler Temptation Challenge
11Distance Learning, What are the Odds?, and $100,000 Competition
12Face Filter Freakouts, Recovery Room Ramblers, and Bless This Mess
13The Blame Game, Snoring Dogs, and Pranks
14Schooling from Home, Hoverboards, and Goats
15Sisters, Birds, and Catastrophe Countdown
16Face Filters, Science Experiments, and Scares
17Easter, Cat-astrophes, and the Borrowed Hands Challenge
18Weird Pets, Birthdays, and Virtual Reality Insanity
19Fishing Follies, Pranks and the Whipped Cream Challenge
20Dogs with Human Hands, Broken Televisions, and You Think It's Easy Being a Kid?
21Guinea Pigs, Slow on the Uptake, and the $100,000 Competition
22Influencer Flubs, Face Filters, and the Grand Prize Spectacular