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Andere Tijden Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
2Melbourne Olympics 1956 - Mercatorplein Amsterdam
3Eva Braun's neece - Kruisinga
4The Pimp Wing - Lumumba
5Stasi prisons - The Beatles
6The Korean War
7French Foreign Legion - The dictate of Paris. Fashion in de fifties and sixties.
8Michael Dukakis and Democalypse 1988
9The BB: Bescherming Bevolking (Civil Protection) - The Hobbyclub
10Child Care - Al-Naqba: The Palestinian catastrophe 1948
11Surinamers in Stavenisse - Shirley
12The seventh Battery on May 10th, 1940 - Maluku hostage crisis in Assen
13Hostages in Iraq - Fritz Behrendt
14Van Heuven Goedhart - "Woningwet" a century of housing laws
15Mobile home park inhabitants
17Driven out: The Heimatvertriebenen - Half a century of military protocol: from ether to e-mail
18Intercontinental - The Spanish Flu
20Fifty Something - Dutch Indies service refusal
21Elections in Israel
22Kosovo finishes before spring cleaning - AutoRAI
23Beatrix and Claus' engagement
24La Courtine
25Lieftinck's Ten Guilders - The Executioner
26Big Families - Gerard Reve's National Book Week Presentation
27PvdA's succession wars
28Argentina's Junta (76-83)
29Argentina's Junta - part 2
30Humphrey Mijnals' kick - Prince Hendrik; Royal Risk Factor
31Merauke - De Franeker's Crash
32Foot & Mouth control in Sint Anthonis - The women of Ravensbrück
33Chernobyl in The Nederlandse
34‘Demand German Land!’ - Deutsche nicht erwünscht
35The railway strikes in the summer of 1961 - Shot at Dawn
36The rise of the bio-industry - Tasty Animal
37The Chinese Incident
38Hotel Lux - The early years of Pinkpop
39100 years of Sukarno